1. How do you remove the stars from the rear wheel?

They’re filmed with the camera and the “whip”.

2. Tell me the frequency and nature of maintenance work on my mountain bike.

In the most general cases we can say so:

  • Full maintenance should be carried out at least once a year.
  • Before each ride, check the technical condition of your bicycle – inflate the wheels and the condition of tyres and rims, brakes and shifts, no play, etc.
  • For women – replace the old bike saddle with a new, most comfortable model.
  • After the ride, also inspect your bicycle for malfunctions and wipe it clean.
  • the frequency of washing the bicycle depends on the style and place of riding, the bicycle is easy to wash at a car wash or using a high-pressure compressor, after washing all parts that have been wiped to get water must be lubricated.
  • After each one (maximum 150-200 km), clean and lubricate the chain, clean the sprockets – if you rode in the mud – then after a trip regardless of the mileage.
  • The frequency of chain lubrication is usually indicated on the chain lubricant.
  • Take full care of the damping fork several times a year, for exact information please refer to the fork manual.
  • If a malfunction occurs and it is impossible to correct it yourself, please contact a workshop.

3. What is the necessary minimum of tools a rider should have

Screwdriver and hexagons, they are required first (for pulling up and adjusting almost everything). It makes sense to purchase a set that is more compact and therefore more convenient than individual tools. The most running sizes of hexagons – 4, 5 mm.
A spare chamber and/or a set of patches – preferably both, and preferably patches on glue, rather than self-adhesive.
Pump – preferably a 2-way pump (or with a changeable nozzle), designed for automotive and high nipples (“jacket”).
Tire fittings – occasionally there are tires that cannot be removed/dressed with your hands.

At home, it is desirable to have the following tool:
Chain squeezing – with a pressure bolt so that it can work with any width of chain.
Spitz wrench – don’t forget that the sizes of the spitz nipples are different, so it is better to have a universal wrench for several sizes.
Pedal wrench – or “15 mm wrench” – 15 mm wrench designed to remove the pedals (a small adjustable wrench can be used).

4. Bent the rim of the plise, tell me how to tighten the knitting needles to fix the eight.

If you haven’t done it before – it would be better to go (with a wheel) to the master – he can assess the complexity of the situation and help in this matter.