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Movie Review: Wheels of Fury
By MBT Staff

Bike Porn in the Purest Sense of the Word

Bad ass chicken.

As much as we hate to start a review with a comparison to the Adult Film industry, here are the facts: Mountain bike DVDs are often a lot like porn. How so you ask? Simple - attempts at a story are often riddled with bad acting, cheesy plots, and are usually fast-forwarded so as to get directly to the action shots. And so it was taken into consideration as the MBT test crew put on the popcorn and gathered around to watch Diesel Bike’s latest DVD release, Wheels of Fury, The New Pecking Order.

Let’s get the first question right out of the way. Yes there is a story and yes it is cheesy but unlike your favorite XXX feature, that is part of this film’s appeal. The crew over at Diesel Bikes took aim at the classic Kung-Fu pictures of lore and put together an entertaining little spoof in which we follow the exploits of hero (named the Kielbasa Kid) avenging the fatal-frame failure of his father. Armed only with his downhill biking gear and a (voiced over) chicken for a sidekick, some of the film’s finer moments take the viewer on a quest to locate the Abbott who assumes the identity of a local bike shop mechanic.

In case you fear that all of this story telling interferes with the heart of any mountain bike vid, the riding, fear not young grasshopper- Diesel Bikes knows what’s up. The short story segments are basically wrap-arounds with music-driven riding segments nestled in between. Rare for this industry, the riding isn’t repetitive either. The film goes from rock-laden freeriding to urban street stunting, with some unicycle tricking spiced in for good measure. The final riding segment takes the viewer to Diablo Bike Park where the downhilling is fast, furious, and offers up some decent get-offs.

The DVD includes some pretty funny special features as well including outtakes and deleted scenes. We recommend checking out the poor female desk jockey who doesn’t realize she’s being filmed while the film’s actors accuse each other of ravaging their blow-up doll, Dolly the Sheep.

Other key moments of the production include the hilariously delivered line “General Tso’s Chicken always gives me the shits” and an attempt at bullet time (when the Kielbasa Kid ducks beneath a thrown sprocket) like something out of the Matrix. If only the fishing line weren’t visible, the boys from Diesel just may be up for an Academy Award for Best Special Effects.

All in all, this is a fun little production that somehow manages in just over an hour (63 minutes) to capture the heart of the New England Mountain Bike scene and combine it with a dose of genuine good-times. The soundtrack isn’t half bad either, our favorite jams coming from relatively unknown band AVERI.

For $15 you really can’t miss. For more information or to order directly, head over to: www.dieselbikes.com

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