All bicyclists, regardless of discipline share a common dilemma in lack of storage space when in the saddle. Commuters have addressed this issue with shoulder bags and mountain bikers typically stuff as much as they can into their hydration packs but Missionworkshop has a solution that has managed to impress even those of us who believed we had seen it all.

Enter The Vandal, a fairly standard issue backpack from afar that boasts the incredible ability to expand to double in carrying capacity should the need arise.

Constructed of weather resistant 000d Urethane-backed Cordura nylon (with urethane coated zippers), the Vandal boasts laptop-sized pockets, a rugged carbon fiber internal frame, and messenger backpack durability.

Additionally, it offers 3 weatherproof compartments, 2 external accessory pockets and a patented expanding cargo compartment that goes from a respectable 6.75 gallons of volume to a mind blowing 15-gallons worth by simply unfolding its center profile. If there is a larger pack that fits so comfortably on the market today, the editors of MBT have yet to encounter it!

A quick glance at Missionworkshop’s 16-year history reveals incredible passion for all aspects of bicycling and it shows through in the small details here: There’s a bike light attachment loop, a hose of load adjustment straps, an optional removable waist-belt and made-in-the-USA craftsmanship supported by a lifetime warranty.

The Test

It takes only a few moments with The Vandal to realize this is no department store knapsack but rather a cyclist’s all-encompassing storage solution. This is to a biker what the trunk is to your car. Our test spanned several weeks of various transportation duty that began with mountain bike staples such as energy bars, gels, money, cell phone and changes of clothes. Before long word got out that we were using only a small fraction of our Vandal’s storage capacity.

What followed is the cycling world’s equivalency to becoming a group-ride pack-mule as items such as bug spray, rain slickers, first-aide kits, and trail maps made their way into our pack. Keep in mind that all of this was with the bag still in its compressed configuration! In its expanded mode items like a full-sized tent, 12-pack of cold ones, and even a portable grill became passengers within our Vandal’s spacious hold.

Across town commuting was equally beneficial with The Vandal strapped in place as carrying a laptop or even filling it with groceries proved an absolute effortless endeavor.

Though five color options are available, we were most impressed with our test bag’s camouflage motif (DigiCamo) for its ability to slink between the backwoods and society more effectively than some of our staff.


Missionworkshop has created a storage solution for the bicyclist like none other. They’ve combined cavernous capacity with a slim outer profile to levels we had to experience to believe! Of course this type of ingenuity and craftsmanship rarely come cheap and The Vandal is on the pricier side of the scale at $259. However, if you can swing it, this is the last backpack the cyclist on your shopping list will ever need. In fact with a full lifetime warranty, Missionworkshop guarantees it.

For more information on The Vandal or any of Missionworkshop’s line of bike storage solutions, head to their official site: