- Sleek packaging
- Made in the USA
- Not sticky feeling
- $18 for 50ml on amazon.com

The Lowdown

I would be lying if I wasn't a bit caught off guard when I answered the 'knock' at the door to see the UPS guy had just dropped off a box; labeled "überlube". My first thought was, well, I guess the wife was venturing a bit further out in her online shopping than I was used to. It was only after determining that this was addressed to me that I realized that I had just received my latest product to test. From the get-go, the box it came in was definitely not discreet about the contents, but at least they do have a cool logo which makes it look a bit more sophisticated than your normal 'lube'.

One thing I found while researching this company (yes it is a lower-case ü) was that they do not market this stuff towards the 'intimate' crowd if you're pickin' up what I'm puttin' down. Actually, they seem to be pushing it toward the active crowd, which we all know is where I apparently fit in. They suggest you use it in your hair as a chlorine block and all over your body to reduce friction in the water. While running or biking they suggest you use it to reduce abrasion and fabric rub; so my initial thoughts were to try it as a chamois lube for riding, and on my chest and armpits for running.

My first venture out with my new body lube arrived and it turned out to be a morning run. Since I was still nursing an injured foot from bad shoes in the fall, my runs have been shorter; either way, the überlube joined me. As I said before, I applied it to my armpits, on my chest, and between my legs (why the hell not, right?). Out I went and I could definitely tell I was a bit 'slicker' than normal. Granted, I never really noticed a rubbing/chaffing issue in the past, but I could really tell that there was better glide in this case. I have used Body Glide before for multisport races and running in the past, but the überlube seemed to work and last longer. There was no sticky feeling afterward and it left my skin feeling much softer. I took it out on a couple other runs and ultimately felt the same; it did a good job of keeping things sliding. I really think though that this would be even more useful for athletes doing longer runs; as in over 10K at a time.

I also used it as a chamois butter/lube on a few rides which proved to be a very good idea. I had been off the bike for a few months while working on a new house and giving my legs a bit of a break, so I knew that when it came time to get back in the saddle, my undercarriage was going to not be happy the first few rides. So I forgot to mention that the term "a lil dab'l do ya" should be adhered to when using this stuff; they do say "Be careful, a few drops go a long way". In an effort to not turn myself into a walking slip and slide, I stuck with 2 drops for this case. With the undercarriage properly prepared, the bibs and jersey went on and out I went. The first ride was a roughly 10-mile mountain ride that left me a bit saddle sore, but I definitely did NOT have any skin soreness; just bruises (as expected). Given that I showered immediately after the ride, I wasn't worried about any lingering slick/stickiness. The following rides were pretty much the same; good lube for moving parts on a saddle. I will be doing some longer rides in the coming weeks and I'll definitely be using überlube on them.

Final Thoughts

While I did not put this through any 'intimate' testing (Editor's note: hang onto that sample DLR in the event we decide to publish Dungeon Tales Digital Magazine), I can definitely say that it did perform as hoped in the athletic realm. With that, I did use it as a massage oil to rub my wife's feet and legs and we were both shocked at how a tiny bit went so far and lasted so long. As I said before, there is virtually no sticky feeling afterward, and there is definitely no odor to it (which is nice). There are a few sporting lubes out there for athletes and I'm sure they work well. This one definitely lives up to their hype. The only drawback I can come up with is that it doesn't come particularly cheap or in bulk. In case you don't know, 50mL = 1.69 fl. oz. I did find that some higher end beauty salons are actually using the product for skin and hair treatment, so I will definitely be introducing my neighbor to my test sample; she's got an upscale salon of her own.

If you want a product that works, with a cool package, and don't mind spending some extra bucks, this is your bag baby. Also keep in mind that there are some who use it for "other" activities so it can be considered a fairly versatile product. If money is a concern and you're looking for a very specific use/product, then you may want to stick with tried and true Body Glide, or some of the other body lubes out there but when it comes to überlube, there's truth in the old saying "you get what you pay for".