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Gear Review: Twin Six
By Rob Manning

Retro-Argyle Awesome

Amazing argyle from Twin Six.

Jerseys are supposed to be designed to do a couple of things such as wicking sweat, protecting your skin from abrasions and sun damage and allowing air to flow through and keep you cool. What most people don’t think about is that jerseys are often used as a billboard or fashion statement. Designs range from classy to tacky, hideous to stylish, plain to garish and all points in between.

It’s rare to find a company that sees graphics and design as the primary element of their product. Twin Sixes founders, Ryan Carlson and Brent Gale are both 20 year veterans of the graphic design world, and saw a desperate need for their talents in the cycling world. Both Ryan and Brent are avid cyclists, having logged thousands of miles on two wheels, and their vision is to revolutionize cycling apparel as we know it now. According to their “manifesto” Twin Six apparel is “statement of our style, identity and self” and that “the industry's slow uphill grind to better graphics has turned riders into unwilling billboards.” To Ryan and Brent, this was unacceptable. The two entrepreneurs set out to design lines of clothing that draw from real world graphic trends instead of playing “catch up” and simply updating a previous year’s design.

The question that has to be asked remains one of how successful were they? Well, if the reception our samples received is any indication, we’d say that Twin Six is going to continue to grow and flourish.

The jerseys themselves fall somewhere between a Euro style road cut and an American style trail cut. This makes them more than acceptable for both road and trail use, making them appealing to riders regardless of tire size. Jerseys are produced from a comfortable polyester microfiber that does a great job of keeping you cool and dry while you’re grinding out those long arduous miles, and one of the nicer touches is the anti-microbial treatment that keeps them fresh; all too often it’s too easy for older, well worn jerseys to develop a sort of funk that makes you want to shelve them. This was completely absent from the Twin Six models we tested. A sixteen inch zipper and 3 large pockets round out the technical specs on the jerseys.

In use, they were everything a jersey should be. They were comfortable to the point of being un-noticed (until they saved your skin from something) and they kept all our testers cool and dry on hot and humid days. The only problem we had related to the graphics; we received constant questions about the designs and where the jerseys could be purchased. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but sometimes it’s tough being so bloody stylish! And speaking of style, Twin Six also has a line of socks to match their jerseys (awesome) and a line of casual wear so you can continue rebelling against the cause while you’re in polite public.

With the number of options available from Twin Six, you’ll have no trouble finding something that will fit your personality and make your own kind of statement. In fact, you might have more trouble picking only one statement to make.

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