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Gear Review: IRD Technoglide Headset
By Forest_biker

Threadless Thrills

Set it and forget it; the perfect headset.

You want a headset that you forget about once you install it. Easier said than done. For that you to start from quality raw materials and engineering know-how and talent. That's why we asked Tange Seiki Japan to produce our headset. They have probably made more high end headsets than anyone else in the world.

  • Tange Sealed Cartridge Bearings
  • Precision CNC-machined 7075 Aluminum Cups
  • O-ring seal
  • Stainless Steel Race
  • 6 anodized colors: black, silver, red, blue, gold and titanium
  • 110 grams, stack height 26mm, 1" & 1-1/8"

What can you ask of a headset? I look for performance, value, and weight. As for performance, itís hard to review a product that has worked so well and has been doing its job flawlessly day in and day out. The Techno-Glide is a well-machined smooth and precise bike component. Each time that I installed it in a frame I noticed no build up of dirt or grime, in fact it has remained surprising dirt free this maybe due to the O-ring seal and close machining tolerances.

As for value, its price is mid-level but its performance feels high end. There are more well known expensive headsets out there on the market, but with the Techno-Glide your money feels well spent. I would recommend this headset strongly to fellow riders looking to stretch their dollar and feel that itís a quality buy.

Being raised in New England and having a bit of the Yankee in me Iím more interested in the function and durability of a part verses itís ďbling factor.Ē However, since the Techno-Glide performed well in those categories I have to admit I dig the red anodized color as a little flash on my current Voodoo Wanga hardtail.

The headset was installed and saw service on three different frames, from full-suspension to aluminum and steel hardtails, supporting a 100mm travel fork in all three cases. As for the type of riding it has seen, Iíd describe it as cross-country with plenty of aggressive technical singletrack (no serious drops) about three times a week with the Catskill based mountainbike club, The Fats in the Cats. Itís been used in all four seasons, currently in a wet and icy New York Hudson Valley winter.

To point out one fault, I would have to say the stainless steel race is a bit thin. This maybe in part to keep its weight down but itís far more flexible than the other races Iíve installed. Upon swapping the race from one fork to another it developed a small dent in the flat lip, which doesnít touch the bearings. This doesnít affect performance in the least and most bikers wouldnít swap the headset from three frames in a yearís time. This is a minor complaint on such a excellent product.

All in all, the Techno-Glide headset is a weight conscious quality product that fits the value minded cross-country rider who wants quality performance and a set it, and forget it type of component.

-Forest_biker, www.FatsintheCats.com

Check out IRD at Interlocracing.com.

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