- Stylish (they claim to have over 50,000 color combinations, and can include specialty tags)   - Lightweight   - Modestly priced starting at $24.99   - They also make dog collars and leashes as well as other accessories   - www.survivalstraps.com

The Skinny:

Survival Straps are designed to be a stylish tool that can be worn and disassembled in no time to help you get out of a bind. They are hand made in Florida (Ponte Vodra Beach), and are geared towards the person looking to have a length of life-saving rope at the ready for when times get tough. They're made of 550 test paracord, which means their minimum breaking strength of 550 lbs. The company is very active in supporting our nation's law enforcement, firefighting, EMS, and military personnel, and on top of all that, if you have to deploy your bracelet to help you out of a sticky situation, they will replace it free of charge. The only catch to that is that you tell them what happened. If you're curious about what all these things can be used for, have a look at their website for testimonials.

My Thoughts:

I'm not a flashy guy; if you read my review of the Sprouts watch, you would know that. While that may be true, I can still be a Smooth Criminal with the right accessory. I normally don't wear anything on my wrist(s) other than my watch, but like I said, I'm open to options. I pulled out the Survival Strap and immediately could tell that it was well built/tied. I had made my own hemp chokers (you can say it; "damn hippy") in college so I have a decent knowledge of these types of knots. They are tied tight, and you can tell that the materials are high quality. The stainless steel shackle clasp definitely commands respect and gives you the comfort of knowing it's there should you need it. They mention in their user's manual/guide that you need to bend it into shape to fit your wrist and the more you wear it the softer it'll get; I definitely found that to be true. The thing is definitely stiff to begin with, but starts to soften up a bit, but don't worry, it doesn't appear that it'll be falling apart anytime soon. I will admit, I really contemplated a 'destructive test' for this one, but couldn't bring myself to unravel it and have it just be a pile of rope when I didn't really need it. I know this particular knot, the square knot, and I know how quickly it can be taken apart. I'm guestimating that it would only take a minute or so to completely unravel this bracelet, so knowing that it is there if needed is kind of a nice little 'security blanket'. I will be honest, I find I do keep it in my car when I'm not wearing it so that it at least leaves the house with me when I'm out and around. I did have a couple of people stop me to ask me where I got it and what it was when I did, so people do notice it.


As a guy who spends a good deal of time outside and on the trails, I find this a nifty little addition to the pack list. It does have a rugged look to it, so you guys who aren't too hip on the wrist jewelry you can rest assured that it won't take away from your manly essence. Hell, you very well could be the knight in shining armor should you have to use your bracelet to save a damsel in distress. Hold on, that damn near makes you MacGyver right? In all honesty, this company seems to have a great thing going; the products are made in the USA, and they really support those that are looking out for all of us. I thought the bracelet was well made, and I hope to not have to use it, but given the opportunity, I won't hesitate to pull out the .007/MacGyver bracelet.