- Residue free
- HE compatible (although not apparent on the package)
- Contains no dyes, phosphates, UV brighteners, perfumes, or bleach
- Hypo-allergenic
- Not animal tested
- $20.95 for 400g 'tub' on amazon, as well as the SportSuds website (www.sportsuds.com)

What's the dealio?

So I've been snowboarding, running, and riding bikes competitively and recreationally for quite a while and one thing that has stuck with me all this time is the fact that I can be one hell of a stinky dude after a few hours of intense activity. However, I should clarify before you go off thinking that I'm Pig-Pen from Charlie Brown, walking around with a cloud of funk and fumes emanating from me and my pits that intense research has led me to locate the source of my funkiness. I realized some time ago that my moisture wicking clothing was often the cause of the stench; as soon as I changed out of them, the sourness was gone. I guess the mix of me and any clothing remotely 'technical' in nature just don't go together. So this turned out to be a product that I felt had a great deal of potential.

Upon opening the box and finding this detergent, one potential issue came to mind; my wife and I had just purchased a new high-efficiency, front-loading washer/dryer a few months back and I was worried I wouldn't be able to use it. After reading the label, I was still left with the question; "Am I able to use this in my washer?" Luckily, their customer support was super quick to respond to my email, and they assured me that it was most definitely safe in the HE washers. (Side-note, I've since noticed that they mention this on the website's product description).

The next step in the testing was to generate a small load of laundry worthy of this new detergent. I worked out at the gym 5-days in a row, threw a ride and a run in there as well, so I had basically seven sets of clothes at varying levels of funk (yes, I listened to some Parliament while doing the laundry that day).

In it all went; I added the one scoop (a tad less than full for HE) and hit "GO". Another thing to note, do not be surprised when you find a scoop at about the same size as a tablespoon especially if, like me, you're expecting the size of a scoop from your average powdered detergent; roughly a ¾-cup; Suffice to say, with so little of the stuff to combat my pile of grossness, I was immediately skeptical of its cleaning abilities.

So a short while later, the clothes were done, and into the dryer they went. I didn't notice any extraordinary smells (good or bad) during the transfer; which is normal as I ordinarily can't smell my regular detergent anyway. Once the drying cycle was done, the moment of truth was upon me; to bury my nose in an armful of fresh laundry. Now, as my wife will tell you, I'm a stickler for my clothes smelling right when they come out. I can tell if they've sit in the washer for a hair too long; mildew is a serious pet peeve of mine. Basically, the clothes didn't have any stink to them but they didn't smell like a "Mountain Meadow" either. Remembering that this stuff is scent free, I was at ease. The next test was to wear it again and see if the stank came back. Of course it did with continued exercise, but I'm convinced it wasn't as bad as usual per given activity output. I think that this stuff actually does help with the stinkasaurus creating microbes that attach themselves to clothing. I've used it a handful of times since and I feel that it does my technical clothing well too.

The Wrap:

The first thing that came to mind when I saw how much this stuff costs, was how small of a 'tub' it is. For those who aren't up to speed on what 400 grams looks like, think of around 14.1oz, or .88 of a lb; which equates to $1.49/oz of detergent. Since this particular size says that it contains 34 loads worth, which works out to roughly $.62/load. For comparison sake, amazon.com has your normal Tide powder detergent for HE and costs $36 for a 65 load, 95oz box; which equates to $.38/oz. Yes, SportSuds is quite a bit pricier, but remember, this isn't what you use for your dirty undies (though I bet it would work some magic there as well); you're de-funking your workout suit. Long story short, I think this company is on to something! They're out of Canada, so I suspect if they can get their pricing down a tad bit lower, they'll see a spike in traffic; especially since it does seem to work as advertised. I will definitely be suggesting it to my fellow riders, runners, and skiing/snowboarding enthusiasts.

My closing thought- there's a guy at my gym who stinks beyond belief; I mean you can't get within 10- feet of the guy without getting a nose-full of the good stuff. I don't see how someone could possibly smell this bad, so it HAS to be his clothing. I'm going to be planting a SportSuds card in his bag in the hopes that maybe he gets the point. Yes, you, dude-with-the-skin-tight-under-armor, you have won the Lifetime Achievement Award for being the smelliest guy I've ever encountered! Now, go get some Sport Suds! Had Charlie Brown been equally considerate, there would never have been a Pig-Pen.