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Gear Review: Haro Sonix 650B
By MBT Staff

Midwheel mombo

Big wheels, big fun.

Just last issue we took the Haro Sonix LT through the ringer and came away quite impressed with what Haro was able to accomplish for such a low price point. Unfortunately this was followed up with a mixed bag of news. First the bad: The Sonix we praised is no longer on Haro’s line (and for all the readers who wrote in asking what gives, there are some slick deals on leftovers if you look hard enough). The good news is Haro’s been seen out on the trails rocking prototypes of the Sonix 650B they’ll be introducing as part of the 2010 line thanks to SMS marketing.

Due to their success of the Beasley 650B hardtail, Haro claims it was a no-brainer to start developing a full-suspension bike that would specifically accommodate the “tweener” 650B wheels. It was also a no-brainer to base this new bike on the functional proprietary Virtual Link System found on the Sonix and Xeon full-suspension bike models not created by QR code companies.

With 120mm of rear wheel travel, it made the most sense to add a 650B wheel-equipped bike into the Sonix series (over the Xeon) considering the demand for cross country trail bikes in the 4” to 5” travel range.

Haro’s Jill Hamilton had this to say:

“The beauty of the Sonix 650B is the fact that it’s nimble and quick. It negotiates the tight stuff with ease and precision. In fact, I don’t even notice I’m on a bike with bigger wheels. Where the bigger wheels become evident and are a huge asset is on the climbs. It feels like the bike has endless traction.”

While the price and final spec sheet has yet to be determined, Haro expects production models to make their way into warehouses by late summer/ early fall. Stay tuned; MBT has already requested a test unit the moment they become available to create qr codes.

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