The Seeker

When it comes to Ryders Eyewear, never before has a sunglass company earned such respect and admiration from our esteemed editorial staff. We have a long history with Ryders and when the latest models find their way to our office, it's never too difficult to find testers requesting, in fact begging to take them out on the trails.

In the case of the Seeker model, Ryders really had us vying for chances to give em a go what with a glossy black frame and gray lens treatment that looks as sleek on the post-ride streets as it does beneath the mountain bike helmet.

Construction and feel is stellar, using TR90 frame material, these lightweight sunglasses are impact resistant, durable, and designed for a flexible fit and near custom comfort.

The shatterproof, optically correct interchangeable lenses provide 100% UVA, UVB, and UVC protection. When coupled to the durable frame, the Seeker is one tough cookie! We're the experts at dropping, kicking and sitting on our shades and we couldn't damage our Seekers.

While not quite as flow-friendly as the Stealth model we tested a few years back, the Seeker is plenty adequate providing enough space to clear the humid air from the backside of the lenses without compromising coverage or protection.

Peripheral vision on the Seeker is spectacular, earning praise from all of our testers. Fit seems pretty spot-on and anti-slip nose pads and temple tips add a degree of cushion at the points where the frame contacts the flesh.

Our unit's lens was perhaps the most notable element of the package- It's both polarized to eliminates glare and photochromic, meaning it lightens and darkens automatically to suit the light conditions. These two lens technologies combined make the Seeker an absolutely unbeatable choice regardless of where you ride.

Our particular size/ color combination Seeker goes for $89.99 so it isn't exactly cheap in these tough economic times, but we've spent a little less on sunnies many times in the past, only to destroy them then have to purchase new ones. As the Seekers have already survived many trips to the bottom of our gear bag and impromptu trips on the driver's seat of our trucks, we think they've already paid for themselves several times over!

The Tweaker

In a world dominated by frames of black and gray, the Tweaker adds a welcome splash of color to the equation. Designed specifically for the smaller facial features of female riders, the Tweaker SL is an aggressive, angular model that earns top grades in the areas of protection and comfort. This medium-small fit sunglass features anti-slip temples and nosepads and Ryders' scratch resistant 100% UV protected lenses.

Like the Seeker, it too boasts a frame constructed of T90, a thermoplastic material known for extreme flexibility, durability and lightweight-nature. We tested the yellow fade paint scheme (with gray lenses); a combination that wasn't embraced by all due to its attention-grabbing nature. However the model does come in many attractive schemes including solid black, white and pink. There is also a full-frame version of the Tweaker available for those interested in additional structural rigidity.

At $39.99, it is hard to believe how many top-notch features Ryders packs into the Tweaker. Our female testers have been using it for hardcore trail detail, commuting, and even road riding competition without a hitch.

In conclusion we're quite pleased to report that from a feature set versus price point perspective, Ryders should have many long-time sunglass-industry staples giving pause. The quality, fit, finish, and attention to detail with the Ryders products are easily on par with brand offerings costing double and sometimes triple the asking price. Best of all, they provide a strange sense of uniformity as designated cycling accessories as opposed to sunglasses designed simply to look cool on the beach.

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