We’ll come right out with it, when it comes to eye protection that doubles up as a stylish fashion statement, the crew of MBT has come to rely upon a single brand: Ryders Eyewear. A few months back we reviewed their Endorphin and Stealth models (http://www.mountainbiketales.com/reviews/ryder.htm) and figured the Holiday Buyer’s Guide issue would be a fantastic opportunity to spend some time with two more of their products.

This time we sampled the Garbanzo and VTX Adrenalin, two very different sunglass models that manage to impress with their own unique feature sets.


We’ll begin by taking a look at the Garbanzo on account of the fact that it serves as the more “universal” piece of equipment of the two. Built of Duraflex (cellulose proprionate), the frames are virtually unbreakable and the polycarbonate lenses are shatterproof, optically correct, scratch resistant, and provide 100% UV protection.

They also feature adjustable anti-slip nose and temple pads.

Test rider Jason Sta Catalina had this to say:

“The Garbanzo looks sharp, is stylish and quite durable, a plus considering the habit of sunglasses to find their way at the bottom of the gearbag.

Unlike the VTX, they don’t appear specifically built for the rigors of mountainbiking but the Garbanzo's sport performance features such as anti-slip hydrophilic nose and temple pads certainly made them worthy enough to handle my favorite mountain bike trails.

These are the kind of shades you can ride in all day then wear out to the pizza place after the “getting dirty” is done. The toughness is a bonus that riders and non-riders will really appreciate.”

The Garbanzo goes for $44.95 and more info can be found here:


VTX Adrenaline (Interchangeable)

While the VTX looks pretty good in public as well, we are pleased to report that this is the definitive pair of shades for the mountain biker. With a feature set that we typically associate with sunglasses costing twice the price, the Adrenaline boasts optically correct, shatterproof polycarbonate performance lenses that automatically adjust to the lighting conditions. Plus Photo Polar technology means that not only does the tint adjust to the light, so too does the polarization level.

Additionally the Adrenaline includes 3 sets of interchangeable lenses (one in the frame) and a spare clear & orange lens. The clear lenses offer 100% UVA, UVB, and UVC protection while the orange lens increases contrast, making them ideal for low-light riding conditions. Like the Garbanzo, the frames are constructed of Duraflex (cellulose proprionate) material and are designed to specifically address the rigors of our sport.

Here’s what our test rider had to say about the VTX:

“The VTX is extremely comfortable and feel like they were custom fitted! There are no areas where the frames pinch or squeeze and with the added adjustability of the nose pads and arm tips assure that these babies will stay put on even the roughest terrain. The addition of swappable lenses (which are included) is clutch; I just wish the site had more intuitive instructions on performing the swap. ”

The Adrenaline VTX goes for $59.99 and rivals the performance of shades we’ve tested costing double. An essential piece of equipment for riders of all skill levels. For more: