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Gear Review: Panaracer Rampage Tires
Contributed by Jeremy Valentine

The sticky rubber on the Rampage makes for a beastly tire.

Panaracer's on a Rampage

I recently had the opportunity to try out the Rampage 2.35 tire made by Panaracer. After putting over 100 miles on the Rampage I feel confident enough to give a proper review. Panaracer describes their Rampage tire as an ďAll condition all terrain tire with ZSG Natural compound provides unparalleled grip and durability in a tough and light casing. Excellent mud shedding and outstanding descending properties.Ē

ZSG Natural compound, for those who donít know, like myself, is describes as a product that ďintegrates more natural rubber into the compound. This compound has the same low rolling resistance as the premium compound and it has enhanced wear resistance making it perfect for a long wearing training tire.Ē I donít care what any manufacture says, Iíve yet to find a tire that keeps that sticky feeling after more than one ride.

I setup my Yeti 575 with the Rampage 2.35 in the front and a Kenda Nevegal Sticky-E 2.1 in the rear. Panaracer recommends 35 - 55 psi, I usually ride at around 36-38 psi.

My first few rides with the Rampage where on ideal conditions. The trails were nice fast moving single track with climbs and descents over rocks and roots. Just by the look of the tire I felt that I had to push myself harder just to see how the tire would hold up. So I found myself hitting turns faster and leaning into them more then I usually do, putting as much weight as I could on the top pedal as I took the berm as fast as I could. After all that I can say that the Rampage did not disappoint. I felt that the tire had plenty of traction and never had any fear of it sliding around on me.

After having ridden in almost perfect conditions I didnít feel right giving a review of a mountain bike tire with out putting it through its paces and by paces I mean mud and wet roots and rocks. Again I was not disappointed, riding through mud that could almost hit the rotors and riding up wet rocks and roots I was impressed. The tire not only shed the mud faster than I thought given the width, but I felt that I still had good traction.

As for me Iím hooked on riding a wider tire, and my tire of choice for now is the Rampage, my only complaint is now I have to buy one for the rear.

Panaracer - Website
Panaracer - 510-538-9099

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