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Gear Review: Hydrapak Glacier
By Beth Trickett

Pack it in

Big, well designed and comfy. Everything a pack should be.

With so many shapes and sizes out there, buying a pack is similar to shopping for a car. It’s all about options. We test-rode the Hydrapak Glacier, putting it through its paces on some of the summer’s hottest days.

It’s all about options:
The Glacier has a well thought out utilitarian design that covers all the bases, without any frivolous extras. This pack makes the most of its space and is flexible enough to hold a helmet. In addition, a set of straps underneath can hold a set of armor (though these were a bit difficult to utilize on the fly). A “gizmo pocket” and additional mesh storage pockets make small necessities like zip ties and tire levers easy to retrieve when you're all in a funk and a Hydratunes cord port makes it easy to hook up a battery cord for a light or a set of headphones through the pack. Adjustable straps, easy grip zippers, soft padding, and a removable cell phone pocket make this pack a welcome addition to long, hot days in the woods.

Hydrapak Glacier
Bladder 100 fl. oz
Storage space 450/875 cu. in./ 7.4/14.3 l.
Empty pack weight 1 lb. 8.5 o.z./ 700 g

When it comes to the Glacier—and all of Hydrapak’s bags—there’s one feature that shines above its competition: the bladder. It’s antimicrobial (read: doesn’t reek when left in a hot car) and easily disconnects from the hose for quick cleaning and filling. Best of all, the bladder seals open and shut with a few simple folds and some durable Velcro, making the days of wrestling to unscrew a cap a distant, and painful memory. The bladder easily slides into a separate pouch, leaving options for either top or bottom tube routing. Hydrapak also uses its own bite valve that closes simply by pushing against it. The only gripe we had is that the bite valve leaked at times and was often difficult to open and close during a ride. The bladder, hose, and bite valve system still surpasses, by far, other systems we’ve tried.

The bottom line:
This versatile pack makes organizing easy, and provides a safe space for everything. A no-hassle bladder, easy to use hydration system, and padding in all the right places, make the Glacier the perfect solution for long rides. Pick up your own Glacier at Hydrapak.com and get your cycling life organized.

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