- Convenient nylon case
- Red and green colored ends for clear go/no-go understanding
- Tight closure, no spills
- Weekly organizer (above left) $19.99 on walgreens.com, and Daily reminder/organizer (above right) $30.23 on amazon.com

The Lowdown

I'm going to go ahead and say that I'm a fairly healthy guy, and I don't take pills unless something is really wrong with me; and luckily that doesn't happen too often. With that, I didn't really get to put these items through a ton of work or life-dependent field testing; instead playing around with them to get a feel for what they're trying to accomplish.

First, I'll talk about the weekly pill organizer seen above to the left. The nylon case is a nice feature when it comes to a pill organizer for on the go. Had I needed to really use this, I take comfort in knowing it looks decent and can be stored in a Camelback without trouble. The actual pill boxes themselves are pretty stout, with a latch that doesn't want to open up unless you deliberately push the lid back (towards the back of the box) while simultaneously lifting. If you don't push it back a tad, you're going to have to put some pressure on it to open. Thinking of who I envision using/needing this, that little pushing back action is key; otherwise, you're going to deal with sore thumbs or the inability to easily open the containers. On the flip-side of that however is knowing that the compartments are not going to just flip open at the drop of a hat, spilling your meds on the floor/ground/toilet/trail/ in your backpack etc. I am certain the security this offers is worth the price of admission in and of itself.

Another useful feature I noticed was that each day has 4 different "time" designations, Morning, Noon, Evening, and Night. In addition to that, each day has a red and a green end. I envision this to be used to potentially notify when a day's pills are gone, or when you can skip a day all-together. Finally, the daily pill cases fit snugly in the carrying case, so you know your meds are safe in there. Each compartment looks big enough to fit your necessary fill of medications; they measure 1"x 7/8"x ¾", so if you're taking a large regimen you may need to check to see if this set will work for you.

Next I played with the Daily Organizer and Reminder alarm. This little guy is basically your one day pill case from the above kit, but includes an alarm watch programmable with 5-alarms, strapped to the front. It has a nifty belt loop as well as a plastic clip to attach to your carry-on, purse, or European-man-bag. The watch is back-lit and very easy to use/setup. As goes with this entire package, if you're in need of something like this, it seems to be a very decent option.

Final Thoughts

Personally, I do not find these products of great use, but again, much of this is attributed to the simple fact that I don't need anything like this at the moment. Talk to me in 30-years and I will probably be cussing the younger me about being a crazy, adrenaline-seeking heathen and this thing will be in my camelback as a measure of utmost importance. However, just because I'm not on a daily med regimen at present, I'm not so foolish as to be unable to share some personal thoughts on the construction and functionality of this product and its intended purpose. That said I do want to add that this seems to be a well-built and very usable product. It is a must-have for riders dependent upon daily medications and would be priceless for camping trips, vacations and even trailside stops. Sometimes seemingly simple products like this one boast surprisingly strong qualities and should I ever run across someone looking for a pill organizer, I will point them in MedCenter's direction without hesitation.