America’s premier titanium bike maker, Lynskey Performance Designs, announces the Silver Series – new affordable American-made titanium frames and complete bikes that represent the family-owned company’s 25 years of design, innovation and manufacturing expertise.

All of the Silver Series frames will retail for $1099 and the complete bikes, with high quality parts specifications, range from $2199 - $2499.

These new frames and corresponding complete bicycles are about to shake the titanium bike world to its core with Lynskey’s incomparable made-in-America workmanship, riding experience, durability and industry-leading customer service. The two hardtail mountain bikes are meticulously handcrafted to Lynskey’s exacting standards using certified aerospace grade seamless 3Al-2.5V titanium tube sets in the company’s new state-of-the-art Chattanooga factory.

"In the past your only option at these prices was a ti bike made off-shore," stated Mark Lynskey, co-founder of Lynskey Performance Designs. "Our mission with the Silver Series is to distill all of our experience, knowledge and manufacturing expertise with titanium into a family of bikes that cuts no corners and delivers world class performance and American-made quality at absolutely unheard of values,” Lynskey added.

Silver Series framesets and complete bicycles will begin shipping from Lynskey’s Chattanooga factory by mid-April 2013.

MT 650

The MT 650 leads the pack in the 27.5-inch hard tail set. The straight forward disc-ready design, made-in-Tennessee build quality, fantastic handling and killer component mix are certain to make this an instant hit with race-minded riders.

MT 29

The Silver Series 29er is just what you’re looking for in a rockin’ and rollin’ hard tail. It’s disc-ready, smartly equipped and crafted from world class titanium by the world’s premier ti bike maker.

About the Company

Based in Chattanooga, Tennessee Lynskey Performance designs, engineers, manufactures and delivers high performance titanium bicycles and accessories. For 25 years the Lynskey family and its talented team have pioneered and refined titanium’s promise as the ultimate cycling material and developed unique technologies that exploit its inherent strength, durability and comfort.