When it comes to the sport of mountain biking, we're all familiar with those hot and sticky days of summer and if you are, you know muggy conditions mixed with anything active don't go all that well together. With that, you just MAY have used the tried and true Gold Bond powder in the plastic bottle. I can think of a plenty of days spent in the Colorado backcountry, relying upon a dash or 2 of its drying qualities. One problem that I always found when using the plastic 'shaker' bottle was the difficulty of applying it. Depending on where you're wanting or needing it, it can be a bit cumbersome to lay down an even layer. Luckily the crew over at Chattem Inc. has fixed that problem, and actually incorporated a bit of an improvement in the process.

If you have kept up with my previous reviews or scribbling, I've been enjoying my mountain bike a fair deal lately, as well as hitting the gym. I've just started up with the running again, so I'm keeping a pretty steady activity level- yes, even on the muggy days. The one problem with that is the Austin, Texas heat is starting to settle in, which makes any post-run/workout/ride activity a possible sweat-fest. When I opened the FedEx box to find these 2 bottles of Gold Bond, I was actually a bit excited. After reading up on the new features, which include a "360° continuous spray top" that "allows people to use it in an even more effective way" according to Chattem Inc.'s Executive Vice President John Stroud I thought, this is absolutely perfect timing! In addition to the new packaging, they have also introduced a new "Fresh Scent with Aloe" which my wife actually prefers over my usual deodorant. The can is a constant-spray in whatever direction you care to hold the can and makes those hard to reach spots well within reach. This brings a whole new meaning to the term "spot-cooling."

As you may have seen in previous reviews, I tend to break down the products into "good, bad, and ugly" type categories. This time around I honestly can't find anything wrong with this new setup. You get the great odor and wetness relief from the original Gold Bond in a more modern, easy-to-use package. If you're heading to work after a morning run or workout, or heading to the pub after a trail session, this stuff honestly has you covered. Don't hesitate to pick up a few cans in your travels unless you ride in the arctic- and even then…

The Good:
Easy application
Works Better Than Advertised
Great scents

The Bad:
You will eventually run out

The Ugly:
Prepare to be loaning yours out once your riding buddies find out you have it

Product ingredients: Talc, starch, zinc oxide, fragrance, cooling and soothing agents, and botanicals.

Available in Two Formulas:
-Classic: Captures the feel, relief and scent of the original, classic medicated powder.
-Fresh: An update on the classic. Same feel and relief, but with a light, fresh fragrance.

Size: 7oz, 360-degree spray

Suggested Retail Price/Availability: $7.99, on shelves next to Gold Bond Powder at major retailers including Wal-Mart, Target and Walgreens.