Expensive mountain biking gear often means that we are constantly reusing, re-soiling and re-washing the same jersey, shorts and socks week after week. I have built a small collection of gear over the years that seems to be constantly carrying the odor of sweat abuse. When I do get a new jersey or a pair of shorts, it gets a beating straight out of the gate. Even right out of the washer bike gear can often hold onto the odor; it is unfortunately the nature of the material and mankind's inability to invent a washing machine that zaps away odor on a molecular level.

With deFUNKit products, odor will be removed from old gear and prevented from collecting throughout a season of riding. The 3-step process works by removing odor and attaching “protectants” to the fibers that act as a defense against odor particles. The deFUNKit is physically acting on the fibers of your clothing to protect them, and its using natural ingredients to accomplish this feat no less.

When used properly, your clothing will be odor free for up to 20 washes. This means you can choose to skip laundering, or be sure that your gear will come out of the wash actually smelling like the detergent you are using. I know, this sounds too good to be true, but when used correctly the formula actually works. In my experience, it took a couple tries to get the right ratio of clothes to water figured out.

Initially, I used one packet for a medium-large load of clothing and experienced limited results. The odor was removed initially, but after the next use it was back in full force. Much to my test subject's displeasure, my girlfriend that is (hey its for the magazine, she can't say no), the odor was still lingering after a wash. After reviewing the FAQ on the website I realized I was using way too much clothing for a single packet and adjusted my ratio the next time around. Reducing my load to 4 jerseys in one load I experienced improved results, and this time around the clothing was as fresh as the day I bought it and it lasted through several rides. Depending on how many times and how hard I used the gear, the lasting effects varied. Realize, the ratio is very important to getting it right and the hand wash seems to be much more effective.

Another product that came along with the machine and hand wash was the Shoe & Gear Deodorizer spray. This stuff is really effective and made from all natural deodorizer that I honestly could not get enough of. The ingredients include three essential oils, fresh peppermint and “silver ions” to go to work on the smell of stinky bike shoes, knee and elbow pads, and even a old helmet. Spray down your gear until it is thoroughly damp and come back once its dry. You will be amazed at how fresh old pads and running shoes will smell, and you can use the spray as many times as you like.

The deFUNKit products are really an effective means to removing odor from your synthetic fiber biking clothes, and in combination with the Shoe & Gear Deodorizer spray you will be fresh from head to toe on every ride. I am a particularly aggressive sweater, I'm not afraid to admit, and I experienced great results with these products. Since I ran out, I have noticed the lingering odors return and I already have more supply on order. For $19.95 you can freshen a load of 4 jerseys, and you will save the money in detergent. If you are willing to hand wash, you will get the same effects at $9.95. Finally, to freshen up pads, helmets and bike shoes you can get the Shoe & Gear Deodorizer for $9.95 as well. To get your own batch of deFUNKit, or just check out the how to and FAQ check out the website here: