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Gear Review: Dakine Crossfire Jersey
By MBT Staff

So much more than just a jersey

Smooth, flowy and well cut; everything a jersey should be.

There are few items that say how much you really care about the mountain biker on your list better than a fresh jersey. With the 2008 gear in bike shops and on online retailers already, there are plenty of sharp choices to pick from. We recently sampled DAKINEís Crossfire jersey and are here to report that this garment is a winner.

Whatís unique about the Crossfire?
Well for starters this jersey was clearly designed by a person (or persons) who actually ride. How can we be sure? Because the fit, style, and ventilation are so spot on that it feels custom tailored to your posture in the saddle. The jersey is constructed of breathable polyester and feels silky, almost airy, on the body. The sleeves are 3/4 length which works so much better in the real world than we initially imagined it would. The riders arms are protected from trail side briars, thorns, and vines much more effectively than they would be in a short sleeve shirt, yet the sleeves terminate high enough above the wrist to provide exposure to air and to prevent bunching into the gloves.

Additionally, the polyester fabric of the jersey is coated in a patented technology called Aegis Microbe shield. This antimicrobial barrier is bonded to the material fibers to provide protection against odor, staining, and deterioration caused by bacteria, fungus, and other such microorganisms. For those of us who are guilty of riding hard then putting away our gear until the next ride (we wonít name names to protect the guilty here) this means a jersey that still feels and smells fresh. Very cool!

Lastly, the underarm panels on the Crossfire are vented with a soft mesh-like material to provide additional air flow where it is needed most. Out on the trail this results in a jersey that breathes without rival. Two of our test riders commented that it felt almost as if they were riding shirtless. Not a bad thing considering it offers protection against the sun, insects, and vegetation that accompany most trails in the world yet remains unrestricted enough to make the rider forget itís even there.

We try not to make a big deal out of style simply because beauty is in the eye of the beholder but the Crossfire, like most of DAKINEís products, is a great looking jersey. Our test unit arrived in beautiful black and olive motif and went with all of our baggies like a matching set. But thatís not all. It also earned continuous praise by fellow riders at the trailhead. Perhaps beauty in this case isnít quite so subjective after all.

Bottom Line:
DAKINE knows their stuff. All it takes is a moment or two of browsing at their site to realize they have the off-road adventure enthusiast covered (no pun intended). This item is a surefire gift.

For more information head over to: www.dakine.com.

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