Whenever Louis Kiss contacts the MBT test crew with one of his inventions, we stop what we’re doing to take note. Why? Because we tested one of his incredible inventions a few years ago that still holds up to our daily abuse, the Grab-It Pack (http://mountainbiketales.com/reviews/grabit.htm). This time he let us know that he’s been working on a companion to his stellar pack design in the form of a wallet designed to function both in the “real world” and out on the trails.

We’ll come right out with it: Anything that survives the transition from the local Taco Bell to the depth of the backwoods then back again is always on our short list of “must have” items. Better still are those few goodies that manage to do it with style as, while we’re proud to be mountain bikers 24/7, it’s nice not to draw unnecessary attention to one’s self- especially in the area housing such bits as say our credit cards and bank roll.

Fortunately, and like the Grab-It Pack before it, the Cinch Wallet nailed our criteria. Here’s how:

The unit locks up via a secure Velcro enclosure when closed but offers quick access when you need to get to your things. We don’t need to elaborate on the security a sound locking wallet offers when you’re twenty miles from the car, on a leaf-scattered path, with your legs pumping wildly up and down. Ours always kept everything safely inside on even the roughest rides- score!

It holds up to 30 credit cards while remaining uncannily thin. We have a lot of plastic but even we couldn’t fill this thing!

The new design eliminates those cheap plastic photo holders but still let’s you show and display pics of family, friends, pets, and of course, your new bike at parties.

It features three main pockets and a hidden storage pocket (kind of like that inside pocket on your Member’s Only jacket). It may sound minor, but we find ourselves using the hidden pocket to secure things like a spare car key or spare house key. You know, the things you forget are in there but are thankful for when you need them!

Finally the chain is removable and adjusts for use in either the right or left pocket.

The Cinch Wallet looks entirely natural on a pair of mountain bike baggies and fits neatly in either the back or side pocket. Especially cool for cargo pants aficionados is that the unit fits perfectly in the lower leg pockets and can be zippered tightly up to the chain. This is the hot setup for running or even high-speed descending as we literally forgot it was there!

Just be forewarned, women looking to ditch their massive purse could very well fall in love with your Cinch Wallet’s charm off the bike. Our tester Grace Sta Catalina had this to say: “Before, I had to always carry a purse as all stuff that I need for daily survival simply won't fit in an ordinary wallet. Now, all I carry is my Clinch Wallet with all my cards, pictures and cash all neatly sorted and organized. Being the sloppy person that I am, I'm now at ease as I know that my wallet will not go anywhere with the chain securely attached to my bag or clothing. It’s just one less thing to keep track of or worry about.”

Better still is Cinch Wallet is going for a very affordable $14.95 (plus shipping). If you order it with it’s companion Grab-It Pack, shipping is free.