The number one way to ensure you are getting the most out of any workout is to remain hydrated early and often. Keeping yourself mentally and physically in tune requires attention to how much water you are consuming before, during and after workouts. My motto is that “A successful ride starts yesterday”, which is my way of reminding myself to prepare for a ride by focusing on my food and water intake long before I actually hop in the saddle.

Despite a number of athletic drinks claiming to enhance performance, the plain and simple truth is that water, especially citrus infused, is the healthiest and most beneficial fluid to ensuring peak performance. Prepping such a drink can often be a task to keep up with, but with the Citrus Zinger, infused waters can be prepped the night before a ride and left to concentrate in the refrigerator.

There is strong surge in effective supplements that are “all-natural” as athletes across the spectrum are looking to escape the sugary and questionable ingredients of popular snacks and drinks. But with the addition of citrus infused water to your pre/post workout regiment, you can naturally take advantage of the electrolytes and Vitamin C contained in a piece of fruit that will help keep you hydrated and aid in recovery. Vitamin C in your diet will help to cleanse the body of the dreaded lactic acid that can shutdown a quick burst of speed or end a long ride early. Effectively, you are increasing your lactic acid threshold through the natural consumption of lemon water. As a pre-workout drink it is sure to expand your endurance, but it doesn't stop there. Relief of lactic acid build up also has its benefit in post-workout recovery, reducing inflammation and ensuring that you are already preparing for the next ride because, “A successful ride starts yesterday”.

The effects of dehydration are crippling to a workout and can lead to nuisance symptoms such as:
• Sleepiness
• Headache
• Dizziness or lightheartedness
• Muscle cramps

None of those symptoms are going to get you up that last climb or push you passed your limits as a rider. After all, if you are not pushing your limits, you're not going anywhere.

Don't stop at infusing your water with lemons though. There are a number of fruits that can be added to the Citrus Zinger, including strawberry, pineapple, grapefruit, clementine and oranges. If you're the type that likes a sweet drink, but avoids soda at all costs (as you should), the Citrus Zinger can add some excitement to your water while avoiding consumption of high fructose corn syrups, artificial flavoring and other harmful preservatives. Prepping an infused drink is as simple as slicing up some fruit, unscrewing the bottom cup to expose the citrus press, and juicing your fruit before putting it all back together and letting it sit for as long as desired. Infusing to taste can require as little as 30-minutes or up to 24-hours for a more potent mix. Patience and preparation are the keys to prepping a great flavored drink but half the fun is the trial and error. One of my favorite mixes includes lemon and blueberries mixed with filtered water and soaked over night. The anti-oxidants combined in this mix give a healthy start to any day and a strong, natural boost to my athletic performance.

Equipped with a Citrus Zinger, a short trip to the market can provide a week's worth of infused waters for less than the cost of a single high-priced sports drink. Also, your carbon footprint is reduced and your body will thank you!! It's a win/win for your workout and the environment. At 28 oz. of volume, the Citrus Zinger provides over 25% of the 3 liters of water the Institute of Medicine recommends for adequate intake for a male and over 30% of the 2.2 liters for women.

The design is simple and effective, with a filter built in to the juicer to prevent large pieces of fruit skin, seeds and pulp from entering the fluid you actually consume. Instead, the filter forces the fruit to remain in the bottom cap to infuse with the remaining water. I found that I can get a couple cycles out of a large lemon, but the fruit would get pretty nasty after a day of sitting so I could not reuse over a 2-day period.

The athletic cap has a built in straw so that you can sip on your infusion or open up the cap for a desperate gulp when you are really feeling the dehydration. At a pleasingly low price tag of $14.99 the Citrus Zinger pays for itself within a couple uses and keeps on giving. A quick search of the Citrus Zinger website shows a plethora of accessories to aid in use with several different fruits so no need to limit yourself to citrus only. Check out what they have to offer at: