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Gear Review: Chrome Milo Shoes
By MBT Staff

Kickin' It

Stylish and comfy kicks.

Chrome Milo
Kicks With a Little Kick

When it comes to footwear, the MBT crew has a new favorite to tell you about. No weíre not going to dazzle you with weights and pedaling performance because these little beauties arenít riding shoes. We take that back, they could be used for riding but we fell in love with them for other reasons. Meet the Milo from Chrome Industries, a casual wear slip-on shoe that is equal parts Vans/ Converse All Stars with a bit of your favorite bedroom slippers thrown in for good measure.

We received a pair of black & red schemed Milos here at the office in mid-November and photographed them instantly and with good reasoning. We havenít been able (or brave enough) to pry them off our stafferís collective feet long enough to snap some shots of them since! They are comfortable as only a slip-on shoe can be but offer up some great features to boot (no pun intended). For starters, the inner-side of each shoe contains a pair of mesh-screened air inlets that really work. Sock wearers will sweat less and those who go commando will have a shoe that not only feels cooler but smells better as well.

Up front we find an actual tongue that floats slightly above an elastic closure-band that makes slipping the Milo on much less of a hassle than what is the norm with this style shoe. This also results in a definitive two-piece look on the exterior.

Comfort earned top scores from all of our reviewers. In fact it didnít take long for arguments to break out as to who would get to keep our test-pair. While the low-cut design prevents us from talking about ankle-support, the Milo is a surprisingly stout design. Donít expect to find the floppy, formless side construction of a pair of Chuck Taylorís here; instead the Milo hugs the foot well and has held its form in the back after months of on and offs.

And while style is a relative thing, there is no doubt that the Chrome Milos get their fair share of attention out in the streets. Attribute it to the subtle yet commanding color scheme of red and black suede, the wicked cool Chrome logo on the back (the mythological winged griffin) or the classic white rubber sole that spills up the side of the shoe with a tasteful black stripe. We happen to love the looks of our Milos and imagine you will too.

We recommend only those items that we believe make great gift ideas for the rider on your shopping list. That said, the Chrome Milos are a sure-fire entry to this yearís Holiday Buyerís Guide. A comfortable, yet stylish casual shoe is worth its weight in gold and Chrome has all of its bases covered here. And while we started this report saying that it is not a riding shoe, there is little doubt in our minds that the urban/ dirt jump set will adapt to riding in their Milos immediately after slipping them on. Theyíre that good!

They go for $65 a pair and can be ordered directly here: Chromebags.com

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