Chrome may not be the first name that comes to mind when the time comes to pick up a new pair of cycling shoes, but take it from us; to overlook Chrome is to do so at one’s own peril. We received a pair of their Milos back in 2007 (tested here: and are pleased to report that even after two years of abuse, they’re still serving daily duty!

This year we took a look at their new Midway and let’s just say that the fusion of durable cordura and stylish suede just below the anklebone results in a mighty-fine looking shoe that happens to function as well as it looks.

Chrome’s goal in footwear has always been to offer more to the consumer than a one-trick-pony cycling shoe. All too often we encounter shoes (clipless mostly) that perform great on the pedals but are a real chore to walk in. The realities of riding mountain bikes are such where hiking is inevitable. We’re always partial to those shoes that make the most of the unique stresses of walking without sacrificing pedaling performance.

Unlike our Milos, the Midways feature frontal laces that aid in supporting bones such as the Talus, Navicular, and Cuneiforms. The sole is particularly stiff to prevent flexing from downward pressure when pumping the pedals, but still retains enough molded ridges and plains to provide adequate walking-traction in most all terrain (including wet concrete).

Though beauty is in the eye of the beholder, there is little doubt that the Chrome Midway nails the looks department. This is a shoe that can be worn in street clothes and looks as at home at the mall as it does speckled with black loam. This is the ultimate shoe choice for riders who like to intermingle socializing (ie- meeting up for burritos) with riding in the backwoods as there’s no need to carry along an extra pair of kicks for the public eye.

Additionally it works really well in the urban/ stunt arenas as wide platform pedals generally favor a low-cut but stiff-soled shoe.

Test rider Jason Sta Catalina may have summarized the look and comfort level best.

“They look and feel a lot like Chucks (Converse Chuck Taylor’s) but with stiffer soles. To break them in for riding I wore them trick or treating with my kids and did not feel any discomfort after some lengthy walking.”

Indeed the Midway is the type of shoe that slips on smooth and feels like your favorite pair of slippers from the first ride onward. Riders should expect very minimal (if any) break in time.

As far as sizing is concerned, Jason had this to say,

“The Midway are true to size but since they’re not as bulky as your regular sneakers, I think one could get away with a half size smaller than their sneaker size for a more snug and supportive fit.”

Available in brown, grey, and black, Chrome offers the Midway in sizes 7-13 (including half sizes). They go for $90 a pair and can be ordered directly through the following link: