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Gear Review: Chrome Metropolis Messenger Bag
By MBT Staff

Messenger bags are all the rage these days.

Chrome Metropolis Review
The Messenger Bag For The Modern Age

If you are anything like the MBT test crew (and for the sake of your loved ones, we certainly hope not) then storage is always an issue. We tend to cram riding gear, spare parts, and food into nearly every nook and cranny of our offices and cars. It is simply the cost of being involved in a sport where packing up and unpacking is a part of everyday entertainment. Our next entry to the Holiday Buyer’s Guide earned our attention immediately and our endorsement after only one time in use. The Metropolis Bag from Chrome Industries is not only practical and well designed storage, it is stylish and innovative. How can a bag be all of these things you ask? We wondered the same thing until we used it. Now we’re wondering how we managed without it.

In terms of Chrome’s lineup, our Metropolis is considered large in size, and is seconded to their flagship (XL) Kremlin model. Below the Metropolis comes the medium sized Citizen, and finally the small Mini Metro. In terms of storage capacity, ours holds a whopping 2000 cubic inches of volume.

We have to say that as a gear bag, the Metropolis is absolutely amazing. The interior storage capacity is large enough to transport everything from shoes to your helmet. Best of all, there are several ways to carry the bag, our own personal favorite coming in the form of a tote by using the over-the-shoulder seatbelt fastener. What’s that you ask, seatbelt fastener? Indeed, one of the standout features of the Chrome bag is a literal seatbelt connector. Not only did this inject a serious dose of style to the package, it reinforces our belief that Chrome makes products designed to take a beating.

A large part of the bag’s appeal comes in the fact that it was clearly molded after the old-school messenger bags of lore and hence can be worn even while riding without wiggling around on your back. Snapping in feels snug and secure and the audible click of the seatbelt fastener made us feel like a racecar driver or helicopter pilot.

Nothing is better than a functional and durable seatbelt clasp.

The construction of the Metropolis is top notch which military spec seam binding, a weatherproof 1000d Cordura shell, 18 oz truck tarp liner, and nylon 69 thread. The quick release seatbelt closure allows for on the fly one-handed tightening or loosening of the pack. Yes this means while riding! The shoulder strap and chest stabilizer contain anatomically correct EVA foam padding for comfort as well.

The bottom line:
We’ve been successfully using our Metropolis to transport items often deemed too bulky or cumbersome to take along on rides such as bananas, drink boxes, digital cameras, even a change of shoes, or a windbreaker. As a bonus the Chrome bag is stylish enough to be used in daily life as well, making a great campus-cargo carrier. Our size large is roomy enough to make carrying a laptop a breeze as well. It seems like everyday we discover a new use for the bag.

For more information or to order directly: Chrome Bags

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