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Gear Review: Boomstick360
By MBT Staff

Crazy Angles

Crazy camera angles are no problem with the Boomstick.

Ever feel like something was lacking in your mountain biking home videos? Ever compare your artistic efforts to the countless vids posted up on YouTube with disappointing results? If so LaGrange Illinois’ Boomstick360 inc. may have developed the tool you’ve been waiting for.

The Boomstick 360 is a flexible anodized aluminum mounting pole that attaches cleanly to most any bike (or ATV, Snowmobile, Hang Glider, etc.) which then allows the rider to mount a video camera via its standard tripod inlet. Once positioned, the Boomstick 360 allows the camera to record angles previously impossible while riding. We were particularly impressed with the “handlebar looking back at rider” view. Due to the flexibility in the system, expect footage to roll smoothly even over terrain that would normally appear shaky or downright jarring.

The Boomstick is available in two models, the $169 360 and the $139 Sport Model. If this sounds like the piece of equipment keeping you from being the next YouTube Celebrity, head over to their site for more info: http://www.boomstick360.com

Actually we recommend stopping by anyway to enjoy some of the video clips on display that were captured with the Boomstick.

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