- Waterproof to 2 meters
- Multiple settings: High, Medium, Low, Strobe, SOS
- 850 Lumens on high setting (12045 candelas)
- Micro-USB rechargeable
- Type III anodized aircraft-grade aluminum case (anti-abrasive finish)
- 5.7" long x 1.3" in diameter
- Weight without batteries: 4.2 oz. (mine weighed 5.9 with batteries)
- Battery life: 65 hours (on low)
- $89 on amazon

The Lowdown:
When I tore open the package in which the RG850 was hidden, I was freakin' pumped! I'd always wanted to try out one of those "cool flashlights," and about a week prior to receiving this one, I had actually told my wife that exact thing. So of course, in the interest of professionalism and journalistic integrity, I did my absolute best not to act like a little kid with a new toy and immediately commenced pushing buttons (fortunately, there's only one) and throwing packaging aside to determine what accessories came with. it

I'll keep the story-telling to a minimum, and basically say that this thing pretty much sells itself. The feel of it in your hand just exudes confidence,and words like "tough/solid/reliable" immediately come to mind. At 5.7" long it's not one of those massive 3 D-cell battery lights we all grew up with (you know he ones I'm talking about), but I would have to say that it's got more bang for the size than those other lights. I weighed mine with batteries in at 5.9oz, so it's no featherweight, but it's no boat anchor either. I feel that it's the perfect balance for a moderately sized flashlight with just enough meat in it to let you know it's there and to alleviate worries that it'll crumble were you to accidentally drop it on the ground.

One feature I really like is that it knows which setting you leave it on. So if you used the medium setting for more than 3 seconds and turn it off, the next time you turn it on, it will turn on to the medium setting; this goes for each setting. The package (seen below from Olympia) comes with a lanyard, extra rubber button cap, 2 extra O-rings, nylon holster, charger (wall adapter and USB cable), removable belt clip, and rechargeable battery. If you happen to pick up this bad boy and choose to ignore the directions, in order to expose the micro-USB connector, you have to unscrew the lamp side of the device. Remember this thing is waterproof, so you'll also find 1 of the 2 O-rings there sealing water out of the battery/charging connector/lamp area of the device.

Parting Shot:
I dig this flashlight, plain and simple. If you're into camping, doing anything outdoors after the sun goes down; hunting, shooting, or just want a go-to light in the kitchen drawer in case the power goes out, you will not be disappointed by this flashlight. Though I usually like to come up with some cons in my reviews, I honestly don't have a single gripe about it. In fact I have found it VERY useful already time and time again. It's the perfect size to fit in your seat back pocket, door of your car, console, toolbox, backpack, etc. Mountain biking is often regarded as a daytime activity but even the best prepared among us often find our activity takes us out past sunset. This is one of those items you will be extremely glad you brought along. If you need a new light, don't even hesitate give these guys a look; Olympia definitely gets my nod!