- Multiple configurations
- Pockets, Pockets, Pockets
- Compact
- $64.99
- http://store.lowepro.com/backpacks/passport-backpack

What It Is
The Lowepro Passport Backpack is a compact backpack designed to hold camera equipment while out and about. It has your standard main pocket and and smaller outer pocket as well as a slim pocket for holding small laptops, notebooks (the paper kind), or anything that isn't too thick. Inside the main pocket is a removable, padded box with adjustable dividers to house and protect your camera body and lens. The box that actually hold the camera gear it roughly 10 by 7 and 5 inches deep with removable dividers that allow for multiple configuration to fit your needs. There is an official list online of what the camera box can hold, but I found that it can actually hold much more. We will get into that later.

Tech Specs
Internal Dimensions: 10.83 x 5.71 x 15.35 in
External Dimensions: 11.02 x 7.28 x 15.55 in
Camera Compartment: 10.24 x 4.92 x 6.89 in
Weight: 1.32 lbs

What I Think
The Lowepro Passport Backpack is a great backpack for every day use. It's lightweight and has more than enough room to hold the essentials. While it may not hold enough camera gear for a long trip it has more than enough room for an afternoon shoot. Upon first inspection I noticed that the protective box meant to hold my camera seemed a bit limiting. Even with adjustable dividers I could tell this was designed for a smaller camera. Since I am not one to easily give up on anything, I didn't let the standard dividers stand in my way. I quickly bent the rules, rearranged them in a less-then-standard fashion and just like that I was able to fit my 60D with battery pack and 70-200 lens. While this configuration probably wouldn't hold up if, say, the backpack took an unexpected tumble down a hillside, I did feel confident that I would be safe and secure for the day.

After I had my camera in place, I began arranging for another place to stash the rest of my gear. I was hoping there would be enough pockets to keep everything that I have been accustomed to carrying with me. It didn't take long to unzip, fill, and rezip the many pockets on the Lowepro Passport Backpack. I was very impressed with the amount of gear I could squeeze into this little backpack! Overall I am very impressed with the Lowepro Passport Backpack. It has everything I look for in a travel camera bag. And for only $60 it's hard to beat the price for something that protects your precious camera.

While I photograph races in my profession, I have plenty of experience lugging ridiculously expensive camera equipment to regions where, well, you probably wouldn't want to be carrying ridiculously expensive (and fragile) equipment. I can speak intelligently on products like this one for their value to the mountain biker who wishes to take his or her camera along on a ride without fear of it getting damaged in the process. While no method of transportation guarantees your equipment will be 100% protected from damage (especially in the event of a crash), it does go without saying that you'll appreciate the careful craftsmanship and attention to detail in the Lowepro Passport Backpack.