There’s no denying it, ours is a sport geared more toward the male half of the population as indicated by the vast majority of bike models, gear, and goodies occupying floor space at your local shop. However, we here at MBT are proud of our fairly even male/ female ratio of staffers and as such are always excited to find manufacturers who cater to the minority.

Enter Loeka, a small company out of Canada with an impressive catalog of female-specific clothing, most of which is a cyclist’s dream come true (even though much of the stuff could easily find use by commuters, joggers, hikers and so on). We recently had an opportunity to log some saddle time with their Creekside Fern half-sleeve jersey and are quite pleased to tell you all about it.

A little technical data first, the Creekside Fern, like all of Loeka’s half-sleeve jerseys is constructed of 100% polyester pique fabric made for moisture wicking, breathe-ability & antibacterial protection. Sizes come in XS, S, M, L, & XL and the garment retails for $54.99.

We set our Biomechanics author, Amanda Brunner up with the jersey and let her loose on the sandy singletrack on the shores of Lake Erie for her feedback. Here’s what she had to say:

The Creekside Fern is perhaps the most well rounded female-specific jersey I’ve ever encountered. The fit is absolutely perfect (assuming you visit the sizing chart on their site before ordering) and the quality of construction is truly second to none.

A lot of companies simply feel like making a men’s jersey pink constitutes a woman-specific line but that’s not the case here. Loeka’s cut is designed to contour to the unique needs of a woman’s body including a roomier chest area and a closer cut under the arms.

Perhaps the jersey’s best attribute though comes in the form of its breathe-ability. The 100% polyester construction does a fantastic job of getting air current to pass through the material and across the skin where it does it’s best cooling work. As a general rule, women don’t sweat like men do so the additional cooling capacity is certainly welcome. Plus the material wicks away moisture so the garment never feels wet, heavy or sticky (all very bad things on a hot day when the trail ahead is steep and long).

Antibacterial treatment is always an added perk to any garment designed for strenuous activity and Loeka makes certain their jerseys benefit from this. As much as we would love to freshly launder all of our gear before and after each ride, the balled up jersey at the bottom of the gear bag is a fact of life. Fortunately the foul odor of old sweat doesn’t have to be. The Creekside Fern has stood up to such abuse in spades.

Finally, and maybe I’m just being girlie here, I just adore the color schemes of all the half-sleeve jerseys. I receive a lot of compliments on the Creekside Fern with its deep purple color and green highlights. There’s no scientific proof that looking good makes you any faster, but feeling good certainly can! This is a highly recommended product.

For more information on the Creekside Fern half-sleeve jersey, any of Loeka’s products, or to order directly, head over to: