- Great price, $24.99
- Polarized (Block 100% of UV A and B)
- Solid construction for the cost
- Cool colors; Crystal Brown Tortoise/Brown, Crystal Clear & Black/Gray, Crystal Clear/Gray
- www.FishermanEyewear.com

The Lowdown:
I seem to classify myself in the group that requires 2 different pairs of sunglasses (if there is such a thing); one pair for "active stuff" like running/riding/etc., and one pair for "daily/lifestyle" wear. With certain things (snow, bikes, and beer) I can sometimes be a snob; I'm sorry to say it, but I've used or consumed such things enough to know what I like, and don't feel the need to waste time with the fringe stuff. Sunglasses would maybe get classified in what I would call "2nd Tier" snobbery. I like certain styles/brands/looks, but I'm finding more and more, that I need to branch out of my box a bit. And I'm pleased to report that these sunglasses were the perfect pair for the job.

All I can say is that they're the perfect pair of glasses for an individual looking for something that do the job (quite well) and don't break the bank in the process. The quality is definitely there, and the performance matches that quality as well. I have a pair of polarized glasses that I dropped more than $100 for and honestly, I couldn't tell a difference when looking through them. Yes, I was that guy with 2 pairs of glasses plastered on my forehead, swapping to look through each of them over and over to see if I could see a difference; really, I couldn't notice one. They're stylish enough to wear in town and straight to the dock for some boat time or even on a ride if you want. I personally didn't feel that they would squeeze the sides of my head quite enough to comfortably mountain bike in the rough with them, but they're a great post-ride pair of shades and could handle lighter riding use (bike paths for sure).

One minor setback I would say I noticed was that the hinges seemed to loosen up over time. It wasn't so bad that I worried about them falling apart, but I did notice that they were a tad looser than when I first got them. Remember that for $25, this isn't a big deal at all; you do get what you pay for. A decent way to get around that is to go dig into the nail-polish bag of your special lady friend (or if you're that special lady, look in your own bag), and find the bottle of clear-coat sealer. You can always back the hinge screw out about half-way and put a little dab of that stuff on the threads and tighten it all back up. When that dries, it'll help act as a "glue" to keep them from loosening too much. Mind you, I'm not condoning the alteration of their product by any means; this very-well may void any warranty they have. I've done this before with great results, so of course, please proceed at your own risk/caution.

I would definitely suggest these sunnies to any/all of my friends/family. In fact, 2 co-workers have already asked me for more info, so I think Fisherman should be seeing 2 more orders soon. When you can capture people's interest enough to buy a pair just by seeing them on you, they must be doing something right! Like I said, for the price, you simply can't beat them. They work, they've got some cool designs (give their whole line a look), and they're a great everyday pair of shades. You can buy them, use them, and not have that gut-punching feeling of loss when you sit on or lose them (just buy another pair). Like I said, I'm digging their looks, their quality, and especially their price. I give them 2 thumbs up.