- Super portable
- Like it says above, they're convenient
- BPA free
- Dishwasher safe
- $6.99 for 3 pouches
- www.ezsqueezees.com

My Take:
This particular product isn't one that most would consider falling in the mountain bike/active lifestyle genre, but there are definitely possibilities here. I've spent long days in the saddle and the need for easy nutrition was always a factor. I routinely use gels, beans, gummies, and bars, but one thing I learned from a friend was to get the pre-packaged apple sauces or fruit baby-food pouches, freeze them, and then throw them in your pack or jersey pocket. By the point when you needed a good trail side pick-me-up, those things would be thawed but still cold and damn good. I lucked out and can have these for double duty since I'm still riding of course, but just so happen to have 2 young children; one of whom is a fan for the "packets" as we call them around our house. Our youngest is just now starting to eat baby food, and my awesome wife wants to try her hand at making baby food again. Since "Big Sister" still likes the packets, but likes "Dada's smoothies" better, the EZ Squeeze made sharing those so much easier.

They're easy to fill, easy for kids to hold, and easy to clean. One thing I do want to say is that you cannot leave these things sitting around with old food in them; cleaning out dried fruits and veggies can be troublesome. Each pouch holds 6.5 fl. oz., but I have a suspicion that putting something too watery in them could cause them to leak a tiny bit; however, I never encountered such issues. As with most reusable food containers, there is a use-life to them, after 15 uses, it's suggested they be thrown away. You can freeze them, throw them in the dishwasher (but NOT the microwave), and then in your to-go bag. They're BPA and phthalate free, so you know there's nothing leeching into your food.

Ultimately, I'm a fan of these things, they will certainly be getting more use in my house and on the trails. If you have kids I highly suggest giving these a try; or if you're looking for a convenient to package up and transport some homemade energy snacks for a long run, ride, or other endurance activity, put these bad boys on you short list immediately. DLR, out.