Top Hitters:
- Very portable
- SPF 30 sunscreen
- Convenient
- $24 for a 24-pack

My Take:
You may be asking yourself, "What the heck is a "YouVee?" I had the same thought, but upon inquiring further, I realized that these super convenient sunscreen pads were the latest creation from the folks over at Adventuress.

Basically this is what my research revealed A pre-loaded pad with SPF30 sunscreen (fragrance/oxybenzone/paraben free) that have a little pocket for easy application? This is a fantastic idea! I'm an active person, and I'm notorious for getting in a hurry to get going on that run/ride/event to stop and apply some sunscreen. With these, it becomes simply that much easier.

I had a big party on the lake a few weeks back and threw one of these in my pocket so I could have easy access to just swipe it over my face and neck to get some sun protection. Right after getting there, I tore open the easy-pull foil cover to expose the sunscreen. With a couple of fingers in the application pouch, on it went. This cool finger pouch is ideal because it keeps your fingers and hands free of oily residue. I decided to not completely tear off the foil but left a little bit connected so I could cover the pad back up and put on another coat a bit later. Later, I got to thinking to all of the possibilities for these things. They're perfect for throwing in a hydration pack for a mountain ride, your jersey pocket for a road ride, or in your festival pack for any of the upcoming music festivals to name a few possible options. I believe these are more marketed to the ladies of the world, but guys, you may want to check these out as well. They're truly convenient and we all need to be careful with the sun's harmful rays. I say if you seek a new spin on sunscreen, or, like me, you are aware of the importance of sunscreen but rarely slow down long enough to ensure that it gets applied before going outdoors, give Adventuress a look.