- Super Healthy
- 85% of their menu is organic
- Delivered to your door
- Perfect snack

What is this?
In short, this is a healthy snack company that custom caters their menu to fit your lifestyle and diet, and also ships directly to your door on a schedule. They have 27-different assortments, with all but 4 being certified organic. With ingredients like cacao nibs, goji berries, mango, Brazil nuts and pomegranates I was definitely interested to give these a taste.

I was lucky enough to receive a 4-pack taster set which included "Blackberry & Co.", "Heart Health Mix", "Mayan Treasure, and "Path to Tibet". Each package is 1.65 Oz. which is roughly 2 handfuls of snacks. I will go into my experience with each below.

Blackberry & Co.

This 'flavor' includes 100% organic monukka raisins, golden raising, blackberries, and dark chocolate covered cacao nibs. So I'll be honest, I didn't know what a monukka raisin was, nor a cacao nib. After a quick research session, a monukka raisin is typically grown in the Himalayan Mountain region and larger than your standard raisin. As for the cacao nibs, they're basically pieces of cacao beans that have been roasted and prepped to where they're ready to be processed into bars.

I tore open the plastic cover and had to give the package a smell (the inner beer taster in me came out). You can definitely smell some sweet from the raisins as well as some toasted from the cacao. The first taste was pleasant; I had to try the monukka raisin first; nice and sweet with a surprising crunch to it, courtesy of the seeds. The chocolate nibs were exactly what I expected, a dark chocolate sweetness from the coating, and some nutty flavor with some slight chocolate notes. They definitely add some crunch to the equation; overall, it's a great mix.

Heart Health Mix

This one is a big mix of various nuts, which includes 100% organic lightly dry roasted almonds, cashews, pumpkin seeds, and walnuts. This one was a pretty familiar grouping of nuts. Since I knew what each of these tasted like, I went ahead and tried them all at once. The texture was a nice blend of pumpkin seed 'snap', almond 'crunch', and balanced with the softer walnuts and cashews. The almonds lend a nice amaretto-esque flavor when eating them all at once. I would say this is a good mix, although I would personally pick the Blackberry mix over this one (for the fruit).

Mayan Treasure

The Mayan Treasure comes with 100% organic lightly dry roasted almonds, monukka raisins, pomegranates, and Balinese cacao nibs. I'll go ahead and say out of the 3 so far, this one takes the cake for my favorite. I like the balance of sweet from the raisins, the tart from the pomegranate, and the various nutty flavors from the nibs and the almonds. After a couple of bites on the pomegranate, you get their full flavor, so the combination of this assortment keeps everything in check. If you're interested in GoBites, give this one a shot.

Path to Tibet

Path to Tibet contains 100% organic lightly dry roasted almonds, golden cherries, mulberries, goji berries, and whole raw shelled sunflower seeds (although it doesn't say it on their website). This is a unique mix in that the goji berries act like a perfect middle ground between the sweetness of the cherries and mulberries, and the nutty flavors of the almonds and sunflower seeds. If you're not a goji fan, and find their flavor a bit bitter, than these wouldn't be for you. I would say this is #3 out of the 4.


The snack packs I got to try definitely piqued my interest in GoBites. As I said in my reviews, I prefer certain flavors over others, but I didn't taste anything that was so potent that I couldn't manage it. I like the idea that these are mail ordered, but could see how if you're not keeping up with eating them regularly you could get caught with a mini-pile of these things. Ultimately, I would be interested in buying more but I am reluctant to start up a recurring purchase for a snack. I think if you're being cautious with your diet and need a good focused snack, this deal would be a great option and the stocking stuffing factor is off the charts.