- Great continuous spray
- Water resistant
- Goes on clear

The Details

With it being winter, I honestly found it a bit difficult to find the sun (outside of my day job of course) to give this stuff a try. Then again, this IS Austin, TX, so not to worry, even in the thralls of the off-season, Mr. Sun makes the occasional visit.

One sunny Saturday afternoon, I felt it was a good time to get out for a jog. With the sun out and temps around 75, found this new can of Bullfrog and gave it a go. The spraying action was nicely even and not a blast of spray; more of a gentle layer ready to coat your skin. Seriously though, it went on evenly, and you knew that it was on there. It does not have an oily feel to it, but your skin will feel as though something is on there in a way. The best way I can describe it is if you were to get a VERY light layer of cornstarch on your hand and rubbed it down your arm; that might not be the best sounding visualization, but trust me, it's ever-so-slight. Anyway, following the application, I took off for a 45-minute run. I got home after working up a sweat and felt my arms and neck again to see if the feeling had washed off. I could still feel the sunscreen so I knew it was still doing the trick.

Another time (the next weekend) I used it was to go watch an F1 race; I thought that sitting outside for 4-hours would be a good test. This stuff did the trick and didn't fail me. I was able to return home without that cooked feeling and skin that was protected from the day's radiation dosage.


In the end, I will definitely pick up another bottle of this stuff once I run out of the media sample. I liked how it stays on and unlike so many sunscreens on the market; you don't feel it getting diluted or running off over time. This will be a solid sunscreen for the pool/beach season and will work wonders on the trail. No Camelback is complete without a bottle.