The Flash:

Hydrophilic nose pads and temple tips; no more sliding down your nose while bombing down your favorite trail
Black frame with brown polarized lenses
Lightweight, 30g
Comes with soft bag for cleaning and protection, as well as a hard zippered case
Vented lens
Fit: medium/small

Thumbs Up:

The stylish frame shape/design of the Tweaker allows you to transition from trail to pub/restaurant without the need to change glasses. The weight of this frame, or lack thereof, is an incredibly useful feature as well; you barely feel them when they're perched on your nose. One thing I notice is that they do sit a bit high, as in they cover my eyebrows. This was nice in that they help keep the draft between your peepers and the glasses to a minimum and when you're leaning down over your handlebar, you don't have the frame in your field of vision.

The lenses themselves are super clear and proved quite spectacular on super bright days, or in snowy conditions (yea, of course my test days with these were just after a snowstorm). One thing I noticed that varied on my particular test pair of glasses absent in the pictures is that each lens has a bit of a 'notch' taken out of the upper outside corners. I couldn't really tell what exactly this was for, but suspect it was designed to help with fogging up as it lets a little air circulate in the space between the face and the lenses.

Thumbs Down:

Ok, so I'll admit, I have a large dome. Yes, it's true. So personally, these glasses are a little narrow for my liking. If they had a "Large/Massive Melon" size, then they'd probably fit me just perfectly! With the sizing in mind, be certain to take sizing into consideration before buying.

Final Thoughts:

These are a great pair of sunglasses! While I did ding them on the size, by no means does this reflect upon the quality of the product itself. Like I said above, if they offered a larger size, I'd probably seek them out and despite their being a little narrow for me, I will still be rocking them out on the trail. If you have a 'normal' sized head, I would definitely recommend these beauties for their versatility, functionality and quality construction. Excellent price too.