Super lightweight
Sleek design
Modestly priced at $28 (not including shipping)

In today's age of wireless everything; it seems rather anti Star-Trek-like that we still have to deal with wires and cords. Chargers, headphones, power cords, etc.; just about everything seems to have a wire these days. One thing that drives me crazy is digging around my bag for headphones, only to find them in a nice big wadded knot. When teaching kids how to tie a fool-proof knot for survival, maybe the Boy Scouts should just have members drop lengths of rope into my gear bag. Like magic, the knots will literally tie themselves. Keeping my cellphone charger in a wad-free state while traveling is another goal that seems to elude me. I was lucky enough to be surprised by a package in the mail which contained a trio of Recoil winders. I had never heard of them prior but was naturally intrigued. Since I knew nothing of them, I had to do a little research to see what they're all about. To my surprise, these things are the product of a very successful Kickstarter campaign.

Upon tearing open the package, I found 3 different sized winders: small, medium, and large. They also came with their own handy little stand/rack that keeps them stored in an upright position. As a normal guy with an engineering background (test engineering to be precise), I didn't look at anything printed on the package and immediately tried to get these things to work. Yea, I'll be honest, I fumbled with them for a minute, but after taking a quick glance at their super-easy instructions, I was winding every cable I could find. iPad, DSLR camera USB cable, cell phone charger, and you guessed it, those pesky headphones. All you have to do is fold your cable in half, hook the loop end on the cable hook, and give it a quick downward tug; the winder does the rest. Your bird's nest of a cable quickly turns into a nicely organized roll, and removing is just as easy as putting it on. You gently pull upward/outward on your cable ends and out the cable comes; piece of cake!

So I'll be honest, I wasn't sure what to expect when I first saw the Recoil Winders, but man, these things have quickly been integrated into my daily cable-dealings. If you're tired of messing with cable-madness, check out this gem of a life hack. Your gear bag will thank you!