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So I happened upon this ingenious creation online and was lucky enough to have it show up at my house to be reviewed. As you may have guessed from the highlights, I'm a fan of beer (I've been home-brewing for 5 years). I'm also a fan of bikes. Beer and bikes my friends, the review should theoretically end right there. No more need be said. Anyway, this type of affinity for the glorious beverage would happen to you too if you spent 9-years in Boulder, CO. I think it's safe to say that my love for bikes is on par with that for beer, so this was the perfect blend of toy categories for this lowly reviewer.

I currently have only 2 running bikes (down from the 4 I had a year ago) so my choices for where to mount the cage were slim. I'm currently riding a custom built Rocky Mountain ETSX from a few years back as my mountain bike, and a Lapierre road bike from a few years back as well. One drawback I found with the Growler Cage is that if your only option for mounting is a full suspension mountain bike, you need to check the clearance in your main triangle. My Rocky won't fit much more than a big water bottle due to the location of the shock and swing arm. I do have the mounts on the outside/underside of the downtube, but I would not risk the alcohol abuse of losing a growler to a nasty pothole or speedbump. Option 2 was my roadbike.

Yep, you guessed it; I was "that guy"; riding my 15.5 lb road bike with a Growler Cage to the nearest brewery. As if this thing doesn't command a second look on its own, having a metal-handled, ceramic swing-top 2L growler on a road bike definitely helps.

My first journey was on a mellow weekend afternoon, so there wasn't much of a crowd, but I think I had 4-5 comments or questions regarding my choice of beer transportation. Upon rolling up, I was greeted with gawkers and comments like, "That's the coolest thing I've seen!" If that wasn't enough, after a quick dash inside for a fill, I was waiting at a red light on my way home only to have a guy call me over to his car. He was actually an employee at the brewery I had just been to, and he gave me a ticket for a free pint on my next trip back!

As you may have guessed, I'm a huge fan of this new toy, but I will caution you; 2L of beer packs a bit of weight that may be felt riding depending upon where your mounts are located on the frame. I found that while the metal-handled growlers do fit, they seem to vibrate a bit more than I would like. I felt the 'traditional' growler's dimensions ride a tad better, but either way, I feel like throwing a bungee or a Velcro strap around the bottle provided a bit of peace-of-mind for the cruise back home.

The plan for my Cage is to mount it on a hardtail frame that is in the process of being built into a single speed; this will officially be my 'beer bike'.

Final thoughts:

If you're into beer and have breweries or a Whole Foods that fills growlers this is precisely what you need; hands down. Its only drawback is the compatibility with smaller framed bikes, but that isn't really something that could be improved by manufacturing; it's just an unfortunate reality of space limitation. Another option that Growler Cage should consider is an extra strap or 'growler belt' to further secure that precious cargo. In summary I give this product a solid 2 thumbs up!