The Lowdown: This is a fitness app which is downloaded to your Apple device, and changes your space into a virtual obstacle course.

   - Inexpensive ($5) on iTunes
   - SUPER convenient
   - Good variable intensity workouts
   - Great option for those with limited workout time/space

The app is designed as a run through virtual obstacle courses that work your entire body. This is definitely an app that helps keep you going with new workouts when on the road, or just flat out getting sick of your regular gym routine. It is inexpensive at $5 (was $2 until the end of Jan.), and for the money, I think it is a great value.

Upon setting up your user profile, which includes height, age, weight, and gender, you'll go to the main menu where you'll pick which level at which you want to workout; Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. You will have to find a good spot to keep your phone, iPad, etc where you can see the screen for the workout. Then you'll choose between different courses with names like "Kilburn Proving Grounds", "Milford Construction Zone", and "Riverwood Path" you might think you're acting out a fancy Xbox game. The names are a little amusing, but you're not doing this for the names now are you? So the gist of each workout is you start out with 3-minutes of warm-up, which is a version of walking/hopping down a trail. The beefcake on the video might make you chuckle at first, but clearly he's been doing the XRT a bit longer than I have. After 30 seconds of rest (for beginner), you'll move into the first exercise which lasts 30 seconds (for beginner), followed by 30 seconds of rest. What differentiates the intensity for Intermediate and Advanced is the duration of each activity; 35 sec. workout/25 sec rest for Int., and 40 sec workout/20 sec rest for Advanced. This pattern repeats until you've completed the workout cycle for that course. For a longer workout, just jump into another round on a different course. One thing I noticed was the calories burned counter seemed to get higher than I would expect for these exercises; not sure how accurate it is.

I've been in the gym for a bit now and definitely felt that these exercises were a welcome change from what I've been doing. I've also been out on my bike quite a bit as well, so this was a good alternative when I couldn't get out for a ride. You can always tweak the moves to make them a little harder or easier should you need to. Also, if you're one to compete, then you'll have to get a friend to download it as well (clever marketing) in order to challenge them to a workout.

Final Thoughts:
Ultimately, this is a great app to have on your Apple device, and definitely a great option for the person with a tight schedule. My initial take/first impression was that the audio and warm-up were a bit cheesy, but that was quickly moved aside once the workout started; the exercises will definitely get your heart-rate up. One suggestion I have for the developers is to get this out to the Android crowd as soon as possible.