Product Reviews

Check out some cool new gadgets MBT tested out.

Bubi Bottle Review

Spencer gives his 2-cents on a bottle that falls firmly between hard and soft. Or does it fall softly between firm and flexible?

Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Tech Starter Set Review

Nick gets sent packing to deliver the goods on a travel bag solution that’s so much cooler than those played suitcases with the wheels.

Mastering Mountain Bike Skills 3rd Edition

Ryan breaks out his reading glasses, slippers and pipe and pulls a book from his shelf that could have you going from zero to hero status on your next ride.

SilverSport Outdoors Review

Gabe puts the latest offerings from Silversport up against the rough and tumble world belonging to ma nature. Advantage? Gabe.

Scosche Rhythm+ Armband Heart Rate Monitor

Gabe straps up and apps up to tell us about a ticker tracker designed to turn Strava into more than a race against a ghost.