Platypus Siouxon 10 Women’s Hydration Pack

September 2017 | Amanda Brunner

This pack is made to fit a women – it features soft-touch materials at body contact points, an optimal sized back panel length, anatomically shaped and angled waist belt and shoulder straps, as well as long track sternum strap adjustment.


7 Liters of Gear Storage
The perfect amount of room to carry all things needed to head out on the trails. Plus separate pockets to keep things nice and organized. I was able to comfortably fit a bike pump, spare tube, multi-tool, a couple other miscellaneous bike tools, first aid kit, bug spray, cell phone, sunglasses and keys with room to spare. The pack also contains a front pocket which is fleece lined and perfect for those expensive prescription glasses, phones, digital camera etc. The waist belt also contains 2 zippered pockets to hold smaller riding essentials like energy foods for quick access without having to take the pack from your back.


Pack Rain Jacket
Yes, the pack also comes with a pocket with its own rain jacket included. This is great if you want to keep the pack clean and dry while flying through puddles, creek crossings or for those occasions when you get caught out in the rain. And with how much rain we’ve had in New York this spring, I was particularly secure in knowing the rain jacket was with me at all times.


Airy FloatAir Back Panel with Tensioned Mesh allows the pack to sit off the back making it feel lighter while also allowing airflow to keep the water reservoir cool and your back from suffering those always appealing sweat stains.


3 liter Big Zip LP Reservoir
I’ve found that some reservoir have a terrible plastic taste to them but fortunately this one wasn’t bad at all. After a good rinsing I found the taste to be the same as drinking from a water bottle. The reservoir is also light weight and its low profile design allows it ride flat in the pack. It features a unique 2 layer construction (food grade polyethylene interior and rugged urethane exterior. Quick release hose allows for easy cleaning, High-Flow bite valve with easy ergonomic shutoff makes for no spills, filling is easy with a wide mouth opening and sturdy Slidelock closure.


The pack’s dimensions are as follow: 1lb 11oz, reservoir weight is 6 oz, 9 inch width, 7 inch length, and 17 inch height. The fit of this pack perfect for women from 5 foot on up to 6 feet tall.


This pack has everything you could want in a good trail pack and retailing at around 100.00, it’s a must have accessory. It does everything it claims and better than expected in most cases. I got the Totally Teal motif, but it is also available in Blitz Black and Wicked Plum options. Not only is it with me on every ride, it’s the type of product that makes you wonder how you functioned before it.


For more information visit their site HERE.


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