Platypus Duolock Soft Bottle Review

July 2017 | Ryan Brusca

This issue is officially brought to you by Platypus. Just kidding! But really, this brand is putting out a lot of great hydration products and just in time for the heat. With 0.75, 1.0 and 2.0 liter options there are plenty of sizes to either supplement your water storage needs or to simply go Platypus all the way.


In the Duolock Soft Bottle, Platypus has a simple and durable product designed to hydrate in the outdoors and take up very little space when its served its purpose.


The lid is cleverly designed to pop out for easy fill and clean. It screws out and the wide mouth opening makes it simple to fill. It then easily screws back in and the pour nozzle is perfectly sized for fast gulps of water or pouring in to a dog dish for a thirsty pup. The lid itself clips shut and is then sealed even further by a metal clip. I did not experience any leakage when tipped sideways or upside down and left it sitting on its side for extended periods with no issues. I was fully satisfied with the seal. The belay clip on the bag itself is sturdy and high quality, making for a great way to save space inside your backpack.


Once I attached the 0.75 L and 2.0 L bags to my pack, I took the Platypus Duolock Soft Bottles on some hikes to test the comfort level of actually moving around with these things. The 2.0 L bag was a little too unwieldy to comfortably run around with as it tended to sway back and forth. It wasn’t a deal breaker, but it certainly was not as seamless as I would like on a hike. Accordingly, any motion-based activities like mountain biking may prove a bit tricky with this one. But for a casual hike, picnic, camping situation, it is easily a great addition to any pack on a hot day. Water flows easily from the nozzle and the plastic is sturdy enough that drinking it isn’t like dealing with a live fish in your hands.


Overall, I think it’s a great product for a hiker in need of extra water. An avid bike packer may find use for it on longer stretches between civilization and once its empty, it folds up nicely to take up very little space. They are definitely reasonably priced compared to your average water bottle and they will last a long time. Check out this link for pricing and color options:


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