Hardship and Redemption – The Mountain Story

May 2017 | Ryan Brusca

Written by Lori Lansens, The Mountain Story is a tale about a young boy, Wolf, who grows up in a broken home with a careless father and is forced to find a meaning in his existence in tough places. Burdened his whole life but unfortunate turns of events, stability is uncommon for Young Wolf and soon he finds a change in surroundings encouraging personal growth.

Forced to move from his home of Detroit to the mountains of California, Wolf makes a close friend upon arrival, Byrd, who shows him the ways of the Mountain. The Mountain becomes a place that fills a void for Wolf yet soon provides another source of remorse. After another life changing tragedy during a childish adventure on the Mountain, Wolf becomes lost again, but soon finds himself with others lives in his hands. Again, the Mountain provides him the redemption he seeks but not in the way he intended.

This book appeals to the mystery of the mountains that anyone who has experienced can relate to. It is truly a story for a youthful audience and appeals to the heartbreak and adventure of the teenage spirit. At its core, the book is a character study and develops many entities throughout its read, but provides enough drama and page turning events to pique interest on each page. The Mountain Story was an easy ready and kept me turning pages and missing the mountains myself. Pick up a copy and enjoy the adventure yourself.

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