Ledlenser MH10

July 2017 | Ryan Brusca

No matter the activity, enjoyment of the outdoors should never be limited to the hours of sun light available in a day. For the true outdoors enthusiast, the test of your love for your sport is how you get out when conditions are anything but ideal. As far as the sport of mountain biking goes, the summer provides ideal weather conditions to ride far beyond the limits of the sun. Beyond the summer months, as the threat of winter creeps in and the days shorten, the lack of sunlight can make it difficult to keep the wheels in the dirt. With technology like the Ledlenser MH10 you will have everything you need to pedal until the wheels fall off your rig, regardless of the sun’s schedule.


As you can surmise from the specs, this head lamp has all the necessities for a night time outdoor adventure with 600 lumen capacity that shines up to 150 meters. This thing is bright and it goes the distance. With a rechargeable 3.7V battery, I’ve yet to find the end of the battery and I haven’t charged it beyond the supply that came straight out of the box. If you like to burn the lamp to the max, you are only going to get 10 hours out of the battery, but with a little energy management you can get up to 120 hours of use out of a single charge! That’s enough to get me through the summer season on a bike!


At a weight of 158 g (5.57 oz.), the Ledlenser MH10 is easily the lightest head lamp of this strength on the market. Personally, my FAVORITE feature is the IPX4 water proof rating. This is essentially enough to protect the lamp from splashing water which is great for a typical PNW ride. You can find a description of IPX water resistance ratings here.


On my test runs with the Ledlenser MH10, I was thoroughly pleased with the weight and the adjustability of the lamp. Strapping the lamp around the helmet, it fit just right underneath my helmet visor. The actual lamp sits on an adjustable crank that provides a satisfying range of angles for light. From underneath my visor, I had full visibility on the trails at night. I was worried that the battery weight would be noticeable but I honestly never thought about it once I got on the trail. The only issue I had was keeping the strap from coming off the helmet in high impact moments. This was the only issue I had but typically, I won’t be taking big hits at night and tend to stick to cross country trail after the sun goes down, so this doesn’t much affect my overall opinion of the Ledlenser MH10. And it shouldn’t affect yours either.


My next favorite use of the lamp is with the red and green filters that slide over the lens for a really pleasing effect. As I learned with this lamp, red light does not take away from your night vision, so you can easily alternate between red light and no light. On a recent camping trip, this feature became the envy of the camp. Red is a pleasing color to look at in the night and much less harsh then the unfiltered light. It is very suitable for tending a camp fire and low speed activity, but for a ride through woods you will definitely want to return to unfiltered light. As far as the green light, I haven’t had as much use for it. My research has taught me that this is ideal for hunting as animals don’t really see green light and it cannot be detected from an angle. It can only be seen straight on from the user or whoever is in the direct path of the light. I did get a kick out of walking around camp with the red light, however, and there was a lot of great feedback from people there as well.


Overall, I have really enjoyed use of the Ledlenser MH10. Its light weight and clever engineering just makes this thing a winner all the way around. The battery pack provides an enormous potential for energy and if you hate to charge a battery every night, this is really the perfect system for you.


With the added feature of red and green filters, there are applications available that I had not previously appreciated in a head lamp and that proved really fun to experiment with. As winter approaches, I’m 100% confident I will have this on the slopes for night skiing as well as back country and I foresee the MH10 becoming an important part of my outdoor pack. Due to its innovative design, there is an endless amount of applications and uses you could eek out of this lamp.


If you are thinking about a new lamp, I highly suggest you consider the Ledlenser MH10 regardless of your outdoor application. Check out the solid website Ledlenser has put together and learn more about this great product here: ledlenser.com.

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