On The Pedals

Jason considers all of you his classmates in the institute of higher learning that is Youtube. Just don't ask him who's the valedictorian.


Enlongated chainrings, the extinction of the 26er and the antics of Sir Ranulph Fiennes round out this issue's Q & A. You got questions, we got answers.

DLR Chronicles

DLR dishes the dirt Hood River style and while the grass may not always be greener, the soil it turns out, can be browner.

As I Was Saying

Ryan visits a place called Winter Park in the dead of summer and says that 4-seasons aren't enough to do it all.

Das rant

CG reminds that MBT never kisses corporate booty which is another way of saying our readers can always expect the truth, the whole truth and nothing but.

From my Lens to Yours

New contributor Elliott Leslie shares his vista of the Rocky Mountains in a photo-rich editorial that will make you consider booking your ticket yesterday.

Skibowl Bike Learning Center and the Future of Mt. Hood Downhill

Product Reviews

Beet Performer Review

Ryan discovers a refreshing beverage that combines the goodness of beets with the recovery benefits of the best sports drinks on the market.

ENERGYbits Review

Delicious and natural don't always go hand in hand but Ryan has the scoop on a product where that's the only way they roll.

CitrusZinger Review

Infusing fruit with your water is the key to making your own healthy refreshments and Ryan reviews an affordable means to making the concept a reality for your next ride.

SILCA Tubeless Valve Review

Ryan delivers the goods on the a product that he says removes the frustration separating every rider from experiencing tubeless bliss.

Bontrager Jerseys Review

Ryan puts a few of Bontrager's latest jerseys through the paces to deliver the status on what Micro Tech can do for you.

deFUNKit Review

Mountain biking gear isn't cheap and Ryan says that retiring it early cause of funk is about to become an obsolete concept.

Survival Straps Review

DLR comes out of hiding to tell you that paracords can do a whole lot more than simply connect you to your parachute.

Elevenpine Shorts

When we say convertible, we mean from athletic gear to lounge wear with the pull of a zipper not the type of car that requires extra glue on the ol toupee.

The Daily Grind


Mud and Manolos

Back and blogging.

A Diary Left Open

By: Patty Mooney

A MT Biker's Perspective

By: Sully

August & September 2016 Issue

Welcome to the August & September issue of Mountain Bike Tales where your ever subservient editors have apparently missed the memo explaining that summertime is meant for riding while winter is best for writing.

This issue we're stacked with reviews on everything from Elevenpine's convertible shorts to Bontrager's newest jersey tech. We send Ryan on location to tell us all about Winter Park while new contributor Elliot Leslie shares his words and images on Colorado's scenic Fraser Valley. In the meantime DLR returns with his views on the riding in Portland, Oregon.

Of course, we also return with all of our usual rants and goodies. Check it out, and as always, we welcome your feedback.