Bubi Bottle

November 2017 | Spencer Smith

The 22oz Bubi Bottle by Bubi is an in-between water bottle; as in between a hard/metal bottle and a secondary water bag (platypus) type. The bottle itself is constructed of silicon, which makes it puncture proof, fire proof, microwave/dishwasher/freezer safe etc.


The silicon makes the bottle not only a drinking device but allows it to also be used as a cold/heat compress. The bottle roles up for easy packing and can be turned inside out for easy compact storage and sterile cleaning. It also comes with two rubber nipples so one can use it like a sports bottle. And as an added bonus it is also baby safe.

All these features seem great and useful and in reality I can certainly see myself using all of them at some point, but as deadlines usually trump real-world experiences, I may have take their word for now.


To get a good feel for the Bubi Bottle, I actually decided to make it my everyday water bottle; the one I carry around in my backpack. It fits like any other water bottle would and found no overwhelming negative qualities in using it day to day. It works as advertised and it is just a solid product.

Unfortunately, this review isn’t all pros. Like with so many bottles that make their priority not leaking in your bag, it isn't always easy to get liquid from the Bubi into your mouth. There were times it was actually quite hard and can make its user look a tad foolish when trying to take a swig out on the trail.

The other issue some may find is the external silicon construction. While indestructible, silicon certainly likes to pick up dirt, dust and hair. After some time spent in my bag, it started to feel gritty and weird. I was equally fearful to clip it to the outside of my pack before hitting the trail as it would likely come back covered in dirt.


Fearing I was being overly harsh, and in search of a less critical view, I passed the Bubi along to some adventure-setting friends to gather their thoughts. They all came to the same conclusion: While they would certainly use it, there simply weren’t enough features to make them seek it out in a crowd of other bottles.

I did take the bottle out on a trail to become my secondary bottle and it held up just fine. I’m pleased to report it did its job; like I predicted it was covered in dirt by the end, but it did its job. I also got to try out its functionality as a cold compress. I left it in the freezer overnight and in the morning I used it on my swollen face after I gotten the ol' wisdom teeth removed. It was cold and helped my swelling; however, after an hour or so it was covered in condensation (sweat) and I had to put it in the sink so I didn’t get my couch wet.

My conclusion is that this product does everything it claims. Silicone has its benefits but I’m not entirely convinced it’s ready to replace a standard “hard material” water bottle for everyday use. It’s probably closer to the performance expected with an extra lightweight water bag for back up water and storage. All in all there is no denying this product’s versatility. There’s a long list of goals this unit attempts to accomplish and it’ll deliver even if what you need is a warm pillow on a long car or on your next flight.

To learn more or to purchase your own: visit bubibottle.com

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