Dear MBT,
I’ve been wanting to convert to tubeless for some time now as I understand the rooty trails I crave work a lot better with much lower tire pressure and pinch flats are the worst. What I don’t understand is how sealant stays sticky after you’ve put it in. Wouldn’t it eventually dry up and leak air or am I missing something?

-Shelly Andreau


Nope, your logic is right on. Tubeless conversion, especially for individuals who endure long off-seasons isn’t a set it/ forget it mod. Just how dry we’re talking, however varies heavily based upon climate and time left in the tire. For some it can simply be a matter of adding a bit more liquid sealant at the beginning of the season and calling it a day. For others, you could accumulate some chunky nastiness that will require a solid removal attempt and in essence, starting from scratch.

Also keep in mind that there is an issue of compatibility to take into consideration. Some brands of sealant don’t mesh well with others so if you are planning on swapping brands at the start of the season, a thorough removal/ cleaning of the old stuff is a must.

Dear MBT:
For someone who borders on obsessive about his bike setup, would you recommend picking up a Shockwiz?

-Tanner Ehnne

For those unfamiliar with the Shockwiz, it’s a $400 pocket-sized sensor grom Quarq that attaches to the valve on your air-sprung fork or shock. It begins registering some hundred-readings-per-second and sends them to a smartphone/ tablet app that breaks the information into usable data across several categories. The categories, such as compression, rebound, air pressure and spring rate are then displayed with recommendations for optimal setup in regards to your body and the way you ride.

In our opinion what it does best is provides solid numbers behind tweaking your bike’s multitude of adjustment settings. It’s little more than a novelty if you feel you have a good handle on your bike’s setup/ are pleased with the way it handles. If, on the other hand, you are unsure of your ability to dial in your suspension’s sweet spot or feel certain areas of your ride could be improved if you had detailed information of what your suspension is and isn’t doing, this is the tool for you.

For those of us a little reluctant to drop 4-bills on such a device, some of your area bike shops will own them and gladly hook your bike up to theirs for substantially less coin.

Dear MBT:
I snapped a chain stay taking my bike down a descent that would surely have given a dedicated downhill bike fits. I realize that it means time to suck it up and buy a new bike but I have found some decent (used) frames on eBay for about $100. Is a component swap to a new frame as tough as I fear or am I over-thinking it?

-Don Kelpart


We’re usually the first to jump into these things guns a’blazing but in all honesty, the industry itself has made full frame swaps more work and expense than its often worth. How? By flooding us with standards! Whereas once you could wing it in terms of compatibility, it’s literally reached a point where every component needs to be researched and cross referenced to ensure it will work properly in your setup. Wheel size, tire size, axle diameter, headset taper, drivetrain mounting; the list of potential snags is off the charts these days.

We often hear proponents of the component standard flood use the argument that there is no such thing as too many choices but situations like this prove that sometimes there is!

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