Why does Strava have such a bad rap? I use the app often and find it pretty beneficial.

-Steven Kanter


Strava gets bagged on pretty hard because it has managed to turn even the most scenic and idealistic escapes into a racing stage but you are right, there is more to the app than just the leaderboards. And ultimately it’s the rider’s choice whether or not to enjoy the ride or to treat it like a competition. It’s not fair to chalk bad trail behavior up to any computer program alone.

As always in these cases, don’t let the media or anyone else sway you from what works for you.


“The best” is a tough label as there are so many quality lubricants on the market. More important than the particular brand is the chemical composition of the lube in question.

Wet lubes are heavier and designed for slick, muddy or mucky conditions; when splatter is a constant occurrence. Conversely your dry or wax based lubricants are lighter and work better in normal conditions where the bigger threat is small stones and grime gathering up on the chain and sprockets. Use this as your guideline when shopping for the right chain lubricant for you and your riding conditions.

Dear MBT:
I need a saw that I can carry in my pack while riding for the occasional low hanging limb or thorn branch. I couldn’t find anything at my local hardware store that would fit the bill. Any suggestions?

-Yancy Collwill


Check out Japanese brand Silky’s folding handsaws. They aren’t exactly cheap ($45-$85) but they’re extremely durable and literally made for mountain bike specific conditions and demands.



If $300 is the absolute top of your budget, that places you in the one place you certainly don’t want to be: In department store bike range. That being said, Sundeal certainly appears to be a cut above what you’d normally get from Wally World. Multiple available frame sizes, decent components and the ever-elusive 26” wheel seem to be the brand’s forte.

If you’re not sure what size to go with, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to head to your local dealer and get measured up so you’re sure you’re buying a bike that fits. Also if you’re ordering this bike, there may be some final assembly and fine-tuning required.

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