Just installed a Manitou R7 and proceeded to dump my bike hard in a rock garden. I didn’t bend the forks but I did gouge the upper tube of the left fork leg with a series of “chips” in the surface. I know the roughness of the tube will eat up my seals but am too afraid to try sanding it. Am I screwed?

-Colton Pellsinger


We can sympathize but you’re on the right track with your plan of attack. Taking a piece of wood sandpaper and scraping away at the fork tube is a good way to make things worse but head down to your local auto parts store and pick up a pack of really fine grit sand paper. We would go at least 2000. If they have it, 3500 is even better. Next wet sand the damage area, stopping frequently to drag a finger over your work. You want to pay special attention to the elevated areas of the damage. Take these down as close to flush as possible.

Once it feels smooth to the touch, rinse the area off and dry it with a microfiber towel. Now head to the corner drug store and grab a bottle of clear nailpolish. Apply is extremely thin coats to the pitted sections and let each dry thoroughly before adding the next layer. This technique should get you back in business. And if you feel it getting hung up or fear it’s still eating up your seal, back to the wet sanding again.


We have a recommendation that will hit all of the areas troubling you with one caveat- it’s a bit over your price cut off. Check out the new Bluto from Rock Shox- it uses the highly adjustable Solo Air spring and a 15×150mm Maxle Lite thru-axle for stiffness. Multiple travel options are also available from 80 to 120mm. The price changes depending on what options you’re looking for but our local shop has them starting at $650.

Dear MBT:
I have a fat bike that I am really enjoying but I can’t handle the rigid fork. It’s just too unforgiving for the rocks out west. Is there a good fork for around $500 that could get me back into the flow?

-Taylor Anntinies

Dear MBT:
Since 2007, SPOT life-saving technology has initiated over 4,600 rescues worldwide, with a record-setting 115 rescues in July and 119 rescues in August last year alone. Giving the gift of peace of mind for both outdoor enthusiasts and their loved ones back home has never been easier.
SPOT Gen3’s convenient features like check-ins, tracking, custom messages and S.O.S. to reach emergency responders are all available at the push of a button.
More info can be found at www.findmespot.com

-Erica Felt

Thanks, Erica for the cool and important tech notice.

Dear MBT:
Your August/ September 2016 issue was one of your best to date. I’ve long said that if you started to do travel and adventure pieces, I could let my subscription to Bike run out. If this keeps up, bye bye Bike.

-Carla Mentz

Thank for the feedback, Carla. We’ll do our best to keep up with the adventure reporting.

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