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Over The Bars

Over The Bars
By Elizabeth Trickett


Ladies only...

As a woman, Iíve been designated my own little corner in most bike shops. And itís an easy corner to spot right off the bat. Purple prints, flowers, girl power this and that. Iíll admit to browsing and picking up some must-have ďbiker chickĒ socks and a mtbchick water bottle, but for the most part, I bypass the womenís specific helmets and hydration packs in favor of the unisex items in the store. There are a few items, however, that are made with women in mind and that lately I canít get enough of.

One of the biggest gripes among women is that we canít find a comfy pair of shorts. Men and women require a little extra love in different areas, so womenís specific shorts are definitely worth their weight in lycra. Many women would rather run out in front of a bus than be seen on the road in spandex, but Sheila Moon, a savvy artist and designer, offers shorts that flatter a womanís curves and designs her clothing for real women with strongónot stickólegs. We could ride an epic or a century in her shorts, which have a yoga-style waistband, designed to flatten the stomach and ward off the dreaded muffin top. Another test of a good bike short is the chamois. Many flatten like a pancake after a trip to the laundry, but Moonís remain firm and supportive, flawlessly maintaining their shape. Moon also offers jerseys, sports bras, tee shirts, tights and jackets (a few for men too) in gorgeous fabrics and patterns.

One of my favorite activities at a race or large group ride is to check out peopleís feet. Itís a well-known fact that cyclists sport some of the coolest socks out there and many of them come straight from the witty (and sometimes delightfully off-color) mind of Sock Guy. While Iím partial to the low-cut womenís designs, the regular and wool cut are comfy too. Sock Guy offers everything from chains and chimps, to wine glasses, peace signs, snails, and ďslutĒ socks. And, best of all, you donít have to wear them just for biking!

Sleeveless jersey - $65, 8 panel shorts - $85

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