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Over The Bars

Over The Bars
By Elizabeth Trickett


Fill ‘er up!

The power of that little brown bean...

Get your pre-ride buzz with these beans!

According to the latest studies, coffee can enhance performance and lower an athlete’s perceived pain level after exercise. Lucky for us, there’s 53x11 coffee, a line of java produced by two guys from Montana with a predilection for racing a quality cup of joe. The Mountain Bike Tales crew has been happily buzzing in our chairs and on our saddles since filling our mugs with The Big Ring, a full-bodied Sumatra; The Early Break, an easy sipping medium roast; and The Chain Breaker, an espresso blend that’s eduro-ready. Best of all, every bag is 100 percent fair trade organic.
12 oz. Bags are available for $9-$11.95

For those who want a roast that complements a faster freeriding lifestyle, Maverick also offers two blends of beans. Try their ML8 Long Travel Brew, a smoky dark roast or the ML7 All Mountain Brew, a heavy body blend sure to keep you on your toes from mountain top to bottom.

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