Evil Eye Evo Sunglasses Model: A419 6054

September 2017 | Ryan Brusca

For those seeking sporty style in their sunglasses and function to match, the Evil Eye Evo S provide all of the features required to improve your outdoor experience. From the extreme wrap around design, tough materials and sport-minded form, I found these glasses to perform well and stand up to the toughest treatment.


First, the wrap around design is exactly what it claims. 95% of my field of view fell within the lenses range and from under a bike helmet, it almost felt like I was wearing goggles.


The Evil Eye Evo S glasses are made from an SPX material with extreme flexibility that provides durability under pressure. After being sat on, stepped on, dropped and generally put through the wringer, they have survived the onslaught that comes with being a pair of glasses in my possession. The other feature that helps these glasses collapse damage free is the removable Quick-Release Hinge™. I have seen some flimsy attempts at removable hinges before that fell short of quality, but Adidas nailed it on these pair. They pop off under pressure, such as being sat on, but remain intact without a significant amount of force. I’ve destroyed more than one pair with a misplaced seat but not these.


With “Durability” checked off the list, we can talk about comfort and fit. With multiple adjustable features, you are bound to find the proper setting for your face profile. To start, the hinges are attached to the Tri.Fit™ system which allows the lenses to be set to 3 different angles around the temples. I found this particularly useful on my bike as I’m typically leaned over the handle bars looking upward, and being able to tilt the lenses up closer to my forehead helped to provide that full wrap feeling the glasses are designed for. When off the bike, I found that I liked to tilt them back down closer to my cheeks to fill in the lower field of vision.


Four-Position Nose Bridge™
Further adjustability can be found in the various settings provided by the Four-Position Nose Bridge™. With a simple flick the nose position can be set narrow or wide for different nose structures. My face fit well with the narrow settings and there was no need for the wide setting for me.


Lens Lock-System™
Too add to the convenience of owning a pair of glasses designed to last, the Lens Lock-System™ provides a sliding release mechanism to remove and replace the lenses. With a flick of the lock, the lenses come free and slide out easily. Once the switch is back in place the lenses are secure, although I was able to pop them out when I sat on them a couple times. Luckily, they go back in easy and it was only under undue pressure that they were able to be removed without the lock being opened.


While we are on the subject of the lenses, I should mention the Light Stabilizing Technology™ is proprietary to the Adidas brand. This technology enhances the perception of pure primary colors which works like a color equalizer. I found this helpful on the trail when riding in and out of wooded areas. For fellow mountain bikers, think about the depth perception issues that arise from riding in and out of shaded areas and sunlight. With the LST tech, the lenses force constant high contrast vision and smooth out the bright areas. The lenses are also coated with a hydrophobic coating to reduce water and dirt smudging.


Other features I didn’t get to experience
Considering all of the features above, the Evil Eye Evo S Sunglasses are already a go to for me but there were actually some further features I didn’t get to test in my time with the units. There is a sweat bar insert that can clip into the top of the glasses. This is a simple detachable foam bar and can serve helmet sweat well. Also, there is a purpose-built head strap and insert slots on the hinges for attachment. For anyone using these in water sports I highly recommend this extra purchase! I have too many pairs of glasses at the bottom of lakes to not make that recommendation, whether I was able to put that feature to the test here or not. Finally, for anyone with prescription lenses, there is availability for prescription inserts depending on the correction area. There are several inserts available to suit different correction areas, but luckily this is not a feature I need concern myself with… yet.


In Conclusion
All-in-all I found the Evil Eye Evo S to be a robust and efficient pair of sunglasses for outdoors use. The adjustability is unmatched in any pair of lenses I have used before and the quality of vision through the lenses provides true function for the outdoors/ sport use. I found a few pairs on Amazon for just over ~$100 and for that price they are well worth the amount of time you will get out of them, not to mention the functionality itself. With the durability mentioned above, I should have another chance far in the future to confirm the performance of the Evil Eye Evo S and if it can be broken, I’ll let you know!


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