ISO Thrive Prebiotic Nectar

July 2017 | Ryan Brusca

In case you haven’t been keeping up with dietary supplements, or are just new to the supplements game in general, prebiotics are a non-digestible food ingredient that promotes the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the intestines. Because of the non-digestible nature of prebiotics, when consumed they will pass right through the upper part of the gastrointestinal tract and, well, remain undigested. Once through the small intestine, they set up camp in the colon where they ferment to produce a plethora of positive benefits for the body.

Made of maltosyl-iso-malto-oligosaccharides, ISO Thrive Prebiotic Nectar aims to deliver the benefits of high fiber foods in a direct and concentrated package. To ISO Thrive’s credit, they have listed a plethora of research references to the benefits of prebiotic supplements, as it applies to oligofructose, for gut health, weight management, immunity fortification, digestive balance, blood sugar management, healthy cholesterol levels and mineral absorption for bone health. If you are even slightly skeptical, you can burn a few hours in this reference sheet convincing yourself of the science:

With titles like: “Proliferation of Bifidobacteria by Oligosaccharides and Their Useful Effect on Human Health”, this page will beat you over the head with research until you pass out. Essentially, the main ingredient in the Prebiotic Nectar, maltosyl-iso-malto-oligosaccharides (yes, that is 13 syllables), which helps feed the bacteria in your gut that maintain a healthy biome. ISO Thrive has cited a lot of nutrient deficiency warnings that are common in today’s society and have supplied plenty of research to save you from having any second thoughts that this will be the solution to your dietary deficiencies. But for all of the panic inducing rhetoric on ISO Thrive’s page, the only way to really know is to try it out, so I went to work on my 30-day supply, diligently taking my small sample every day.

I was surprised by the miniscule amount of nectar contained within each package. Honestly, there is more packaging in my box of 30 sachets than there is actual nectar. I started taking the ISO Thrive Prebiotic Nectar at a point where my diet was in pretty poor shape. After just moving to Seattle, I’ve been eating more Thai food and sushi than can possibly be safely recommended. So needless to say, I was pretty much used to having an upset stomach and constant acid reflux that accompanies the steady intake of such rich food. From the onset of my test, I did notice that my stomach seemed to be settled directly after consumption of the Prebiotic Nectar. According to Marcel Roberfroid et al., prebiotics can assist in reduction of acid reflux, which substantiated what I was experiencing. I soon looked forward to my daily dose as it really did even out my stomach.

With the arrival of the sun in the Pacific Northwest, I figured it was time to start a diet, which I did in the middle of my test run with ISO Thrive’s product, and I didn’t find a lot of difficulty getting started. According to Vic Norris, et. al, these healthy gut bacteria have the potential to control the host appetite. I truly want to say that the Prebiotic Nectar helped me get started on my diet, and I found myself looking forward to using it daily, even carrying “satchets” in my pocket so that I could take it on time and on vacation.

But without a clinical test of my body, of course I can’t say for sure, and we are all suckers for placebo. But dammit if I don’t swear by it now. Especially after further research, I’m more convinced than ever that this stuff fulfills the promises it makes and is worth a try if you are having any kind of difficulty starting a diet or avoiding bad eating habits.

The only challenge to iso-malto-oligosaccharides that I have seen come up is through the European Food Safety Authority, who rejected the claimed benefits of the prebiotic back in 2010. After an initial investigation, it seems that the EFSA was not diligent in their analysis of the benefits claimed and, along with hundreds of other herbal health claims, prematurely cut short the potential of iso-malto-oligosaccharides in the European sector. It all seems difficult to really get behind, but what I can say is, anything with this much research has to have some kind of potential, and its worth looking into on a case by case basis.

For my specific needs, I did experience appetite control and acid reflux reduction and I would recommend to anyone experiencing these kinds of problems to give this system a shot. Pick up a 30-day pack and adhere to the 1 satchet a day recommendation. Take notes and pay attention to what your body is feeling. You might just be convinced that this stuff can make a difference. I know I am.

Find more about this product and do your own research here.

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